Democrat leaders reject 100% budget bill compromise as not enough

By NW Spotlight,

Oregon Senate and House Republicans offered to return to the Oregon legislature on the last day, Sunday March 8th, to vote on 100% of the remaining eligible budget bills (Corona virus, wildfire, forestry, state budget, etc…). The offer was rejected by Democrat leaders because it did not include a promise vote on the non-budget bill the $600+ million Carbon Cap-and-Trade tax bill Senate Bill 1530.

Senate Republican Leader, Herman Baertschiger Jr. stated,

“The Oregon Senate Republicans will return to the Capitol on Sunday, March 8 ready to pass the budget bills that the short session was intended for. Yesterday,Democrats killed all the budget bills by focusing on cap and trade.Senate Republican Leader, Herman Baertschiger Jr. (R-Grants Pass) issued the following statement: “As promised, my caucus and I will be ready to work on March 8 to pass the bills the short session was intended for. The focusall along should havebeenon the budget bills, not cap and trade. It amazes me how the Democrats do not take any responsibility for the failure of the session. Let’s get back to the purpose of the short session.”

House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby)release:

“Oregon’s supermajority has failed its own party and our state. Democrats, stubbornly unwilling to refer cap and trade to voters, should still be held accountable for putting passage of cap and trade in a short session before homelessness, health care, housing, education and public safety. We had time, authority and resources to advance all these issues, but the Democrats refused. They don’t have the right to cling to a false narrative that they don’t have to work to serve Oregonians if it doesn’t suit them. They had a quorum, they had the time, they had the money. Democrat leadership threw a public tantrum and used their power to punish Republicans. Instead,they punished all Oregonians—and Oregonians should hold them accountable. In the end, they are the ones who walked away.”