This week belongs to hecklers.

First, we had two women interupt the Iraq War Resolution in the Oregon House.

we had anarchists invade Portland’s war protest, for which it enraged LoadedOrygun and others were highlighted by KATU-2 whom stole a business sign during their march.

we had a video of heckler at a Hillary Clinton event that had to be escorted out.

we had anti-war protesters take over more Congressional offices.

Democracry run by whomever screams the loudest is a terrible trend.

If you need a fifth heckle story read this hillarious one:

Statement on sit-in at Congressman Walden’s Bend office

After 12-hours of accommodations and their refusal to speak with Congressman, group of protesters is removed by authorities after one member apparently urinated in Congressman’s office

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Greg Walden’s Press Secretary, Andrew Whelan, released the following statement regarding the events that transpired at the Congressman’s Bend district office yesterday:

“A group of anti-war protesters who said they were affiliated with Code Pink arrived at Congressman Greg Walden’s Central Oregon Office in Bend at 10 am Tuesday for a scheduled appointment with Constituent Services Representative Judy Trego. They demanded a commitment from the Congressman for an immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq, the immediate cessation of all funding for the troops and a prohibition on any military action involving Iran. After a brief discussion, the six women proceeded to conduct a 12-hour sit-in in the Congressman’s personal office. Judy, who staffs the one-person office, accommodated them for the rest of the work day, despite their interruptions. She made sure they access to water and agreed to their request to watch the local news so they could see themselves on television. At approximately 6:10 pm, she offered them the opportunity to have a video conference with Congressman Walden on Wednesday, March 21, but only if they wrapped up their protest and left peacefully. After nearly 30 minutes of private discussions among themselves, including cell calls from them to others, they declined that opportunity and continued their sit-in.

“At approximately 7:30 pm, one of the protestors asked if she left to use the restroom down the hall would she be allowed to return to the sit-in. Judy informed her that she could use the restroom, but if she left the sit-in she would not be allowed to return. The protestor expressed understanding, but disappointment, and resumed her sit-in.

“At approximately 8 pm, one of the protestors left to use the restroom, and was not allowed back into the office and apparently departed the office building. At approximately 9 pm, the protestors closed the door to Congressman Walden’s personal office. When Judy informed the remaining five protestors that the door had to remain open, one of the protestors told Judy that if that were the case then she was ‘going to see the woman’s bare butt,’ and the implication was that the woman was urinating.

“The Bend City Police were called and the protestors were removed, along with the bottle the protester allegedly urinated in, from the office at approximately 10 pm.”