Politicians Have Failed Their Primary Duty to Keep Us Safe

By Larry Huss,
Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI)) claims that medical supply companies have been told not to supply necessary supplies to combat COVID-19 in Michigan.  She implied that was because of Mr. Trump.  You know she is lying.  And if she is not then ask her to identify specifically who told her that, which companies were involved and then check with the companies to determine whether she is even close to the truth.  She is lying because the left wing of the Democrat elites have decided to use this pandemic as a political weapon rather than actually fight its spread or treat its victims.  And she is lying because she knows that the mainstream media will print every accusation as if were true without any attempt to verify its truth.

This starts with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who used the funding mechanism recently passed by the Congress to implement and fund portions of the far left Democrat agenda, including the New Green Deal, demands that unions be placed on the boards of airlines, and funding for the Kennedy Center.  Literally hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been sidetracked that could have been used to acquire more ventilators, more masks, more protective gear and more testing kits.  But Ms. Pelosi really doesn’t care because its power, not protection of citizens, that she prioritizes.
It continues with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schummer (D-NY) who fronted all of Ms. Pelosi’s “extra curricular” demands in the Senate debates.  What is particularly loathsome about that is that New York is the state hardest hit with the majority of all cases diagnosed in the United States and a majority of all deaths experienced.  What in God’s name drives a reprehensible cretin like that?  His constituents are dying by the hundreds and he’s playing politics.
It includes Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) – who President Donald Trump accurately portrayed as a Democrat presidential primary candidate whose standing in the polls peaked at zero and remained there and who has whined and complaint about everything in blaming Mr. Trump for his own failure to timely and accurately prepare and respond to Washington state’s outbreak.  Mr. Inslee knew full well the shortfall in available equipment, including ventilators, protective equipment and medical supplies, but he chose instead to waste taxpayer funds pursing sanctuary cities, cap and trade, and funding “The Resistance” by one lawsuit after another over virtually every program and order undertaken by Mr. Trump.  But he is no different than the governors in Oregon, California, Connecticut, Illinois and Louisiana.  Instead of doing their jobs they were too busy playing politics.  And when they were caught short, they have been blaming the federal government in general and Mr. Trump in particular for all of the problems they created themselves.
They play these games knowing full well that Mr. Trump and his team have to just take it because people’s lives are at risk and they should not have to suffer for their governors’ shortcomings. And while they are proceeding they have to listen to the gripes, moans, armchair quarterbacking and deliberate lies by these cheap shot artists.  If you can point to anything that any of these people have accomplished in life other than getting elected to a public office, I’d be surprised.
Quite frankly these so called leaders are wasting our time, wasting our money and wasting our patience.  They have to scramble because they have spent the last two decades pursuing carbon taxes, alternative energy, sanctuary cities, political correctness and virtually everything else other than the very purpose of government – to provide safety and security, competent low cost and safe utility services, orderly transportation, and welfare assistance for those who cannot provide for themselves.  One of the true things about democracy is you get what you paid for even if you didn’t see it coming.
In the beginning I thought that this was just more of the Trump Derangement Syndrome by the Democrat elites.  They hate Mr. Trump with an empty-headed passion.  They don’t even know why they hate him.  They resort to their litany of identity politics bogeymen – he’s a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, an anti-Semite, an Islamaphobe, a xenophobe, and on and on and on.  Their vitriol clouds their judgment and their rhetoric belies their lack of any specifics.  They are like six-year olds engaging in group taunting.  They are beyond ridiculous.
But this goes way beyond petty politics.  This goes beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome.  This is taking from those most in need to line their pockets, ensure their campaign coffers are filled and rewarding those who have joined them in their derangement.  It is easy to understand their desire to use taxpayer money to accomplish this because they have always done so.  What cannot be understood is why they would deprive those in need in order to do it.  It is the moral equivalent of stealing coins from a dead man’s eyes.  It is venal.  They sit cloistered in their seats of power and prey on the very people they claim to represent.  They are beyond contempt.  But most importantly, they are beyond reclamation – they have lost any sense of morality.
The disaster that arises from their incompetence will multiply exponentially if we do not find a way to reopen our economy.  So here are a couple of suggestions of what we could have done with the money wasted by Speaker Pelosi and the congressional Democrats:
1. Provide funding for time and motion engineers to suggest designs and disciplines for retail merchants to open their stores while accommodating social distancing.
2. Adjust, set and enforce customer loading standards that accommodate social distancing for retail businesses and entertainment.  It is better to service less people than to service none.
3. Redesign seating areas within restaurants to limit seating to four at a table and appropriate distancing between tables.  Include disinfecting stations that customers must use before being seated.  Set time intervals for turning tables
4. Develop methods by which food can be ordered, prepared and served without unprotected human action.  (McDonald’s has moved towards using kiosks for ordering and payment so that the only time you have human contact is the delivery of the cooked food.)
5. Fund additional research, development, manufacture and distribution of more efficient testing kits such that those wishing a test can do so quickly and easily.  Add to that testing kits to determine those who have had the virus and recovered and thereafter use certification of that test as a means to remove any restrictions on their movement, work or travel.
The weekend decision by Mr. Trump to extend the guidelines for maintaining social distancing until the end of April means that many of the small business – particularly restaurants, movie theatres, sports and entertainment venues, athletic facilities and the like will never open again.  You simply cannot close a business for sixty days and expect it to survive.
The wreck of the economy may yet prove more deadly than the pandemic.