Justice for George Floyd

By Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Too many bad cops (including Oregon): Oregon has its own story, just look at the racial case and abuse of authority case of the former West Linn Chief of Police. The problems of Police Chief Terry Timeus spanned decades. Decades! This goes to show that institutional systemic corruption exists.

Lies. Lies. Lies: At first it was stated that George Floyd died at the hospital and not at the hands of the police. That was later dis-proven. It was stated that George Floyd resisted arrest. Thanks to additional video footage from a restaurant security camera nearby that too is being discredited. If it wasn’t for all these videos, what kind of honest and fair case would there be for George Floyd?

What Justice needs is Justice: Our system is built around innocent until proven guilty. We await the complete list of details (medical reports, officer’s testimony, all evidence). Sometimes a trial reveals an innocent person, other times it reveal more evil that you thought possible. As it stands today the several videos of the incident are condemning. If the trial reveals a bad cop and convicts a bad cop it will matter much for justice, society, and all current corrupt police officers. Convictions are rare in police shootings. For justice to work it must be the most fair trial humanly possible.

The other officers: If George Floyd said he couldn’t breathe, and people said nearby said he couldn’t breathe, then what does that say for the other officers? This is a question I wish to be answered in the trial.

Rioting is the worst of them all: Rioting turns people against both the police and the suspect regardless of innocence. Lawlessness in the streets spills into the courtroom. For instance, during the Ferguson trial it was discovered that handfuls of witness testified of completely contradictory stories making an absolute chaos of the proceedings. Lawlessness in the streets pressures the media to ignore fair coverage and to pick a side like it was McCarthyism all over again for journalism. Lawlessness in the streets over George Lloyd has already killed innocent people.

For these reasons I ask for justice, fairness, honesty and an end to rioting for George Floyd.