Eileen Kiely Wants to Defund and Downsize The Police

Across the country, leftists have begun calling for defunding of police across the country. That movement has come to Oregon as State Senate candidate Eileen Kiely called for defunding the police on Tuesday.

Kiely’s tweet uses the defunding movements chosen Twitter hashtag: #Defund. She also uses the term “rightsizing” which is corporate-speak for layoffs. Layoffs among law enforcement would certainly be in order after funding cuts.

Kiley’s observation about the supposed mismanagement of Oregon State Police (OSP) officers is also incorrect. The larger OSP presence in Corvallis due to the existence of the nuclear TRIGA Reactor located at Oregon State University.

In a subsequent tweet, Kiley also expressed support for “rightsizing” our criminal justice system. Central Oregon voters should consider “rightsizing” Kiely’s future in politics.