Freeway mass protesting a safe COVID activity? Cutting hair illegal?

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This week, thousands of protestors walked into the middle of the Portland Interstate 84 Banfield freeway blocking traffic on both sides of the freeway.

I have found no statement from the Mayor, the County or Governor on the freeway protest. This mass protest comes at a time when much of Multnomah County businesses, like salons and restaurants, are closed to the public (until June 12) for the safety of the public in order to not spread COVID-19.

How does a mass close-knit gathering compare to a salon with only one person in it? If cutting hair or serving a meal is safe then why is it illegal? If it is safe (as it has been for Georgia and Texas for the past five weeks) then why not open up Multnomah County right now?

How safe is it to have people walking in the middle of a freeway?  Already there has been one accident.

How COVID-19 safe is it to have people huddled together?

How safe is it to block people getting to the nearby hospitals of Providence and Emmanuel which are nearby to Freeway I-84?

We understand that COVID-19 spreads less outdoors, so what applies to outdoor protesting should also apply to outdoor seating at restaurants which are not allowed as of today in Multnomah County.


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