Sen. Ferrioli On Governors M37 Press Availability

Press Release from Sen. Ted Ferrioli on 3-29-07:

Sen. Ferrioli On Governor’s Measure 37 Press Availability

“From the outset, the Governor has been trying to take back what voters gave Oregon property owners. This is just more typical partisan politics, with a capitol “˜P’. The Governor and Democrat leadership haven’t been shy about locking the door to prevent a full and diverse conversation from taking place. It should surprise no one that he calls a strictly partisan meeting to spin the issue. This is another example of the Governor trying to explain away public policy that ignores the voice of the voters. It is time to put aside partisanship, come together and do what Oregonians have told us to do.”

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  • Jerry

    What did you expect from the guy? He has shown to be this way all of his time in office.
    He is a buffoon.

  • Jackie Ralph

    The people spoke twice….someone took Dorothy English out of this before the Land Use Committee really got started. It is amazing that we the people are so foolish that we think our vote counts. This was suppose to be about restoring your rights…that were removed when you purchased your property. We were RR5….43 acres. We expected to get that back with M37. Not to tell us we get 3 parcels. I have also heard that we will get transferability…can sell…but the buyer only has 4 years to build. This isn’t what we voted for. Who is making up these rules…the Governor….the Governor we voted to represent us. I am sure many of us wish we could put him up for vote again.

    • Buggy

      It would be interesting to see what would happen if the vote were done over again. I work with the public and it’s amazing how many have no clue as to what is happening in Oregon. All they want is their handouts and they will vote for anybody that will give them.

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