Now Oregon is Stuffing Pork Into Military Bills

The Oregon Senate passed the Oregon Military Department Budget Bill SB 5546. Tucked inside was $4.1 million to renovate the Eugene State Office Building. Is this to protect Eugene from Al Qaeda? Local Anarchists?

Just a week ago the U.S. House passed a defense bill that included (a) $3.5 million for guided tours of the Capitol; (b) $75 million for salaries and expenses for the Farm Service Agency, (c) $24 million to sugar beet producers and much much more.

  • Disgusted

    Hang em

  • Sassy

    It seems to me that our state government is just following the example of the federal government.

    It also seems that our representatives and senators believe that this would be the only way to get money for stuff that should probably be considered separately.

    Its like including the cost of a trip to “whereever” in your grocery allowence. Certainly the person controlling the household budget would not cut money for food!