The Great Divide – Pure Politics

By Bridget Barton
This article provided by Oregon Transformation Newsletter.

We came across this passage from a column in our previous publication, BrainstormNW. Though written nearly 20 years ago, we were unhappily struck by its accuracy and prescience. Too bad Oregon voters did not elect more “grown ups.”

The irrepressibly adolescent will be found in all quarters of our fair land, but Portland really is a place too far. The earnestness with which defunct ideological fads are pursued in this fairest of cities suggests arrested adolescence. And the aplomb with which “the business class” indulges this adolescence suggests a lack of discernment. The doyens of the Willamette Valley may well regard the political recreation of the masses as harmless, that is, nothing of importance as compared with share prices. But there is a vast divide opening here – perhaps more visible to one viewing from afar. (As Yogi Berra told us “you can observe a lot by watching.”) Thus, Publius concludes for now with a small warning: beware of divides. Oregon has its share of them.

– From “The Columns of Publius,” BrainstormNW

Since this column was written, the polarization of Oregon citizens has deepened, and the divide has substantially darkened in the last three months.

One need look no further than our governor to understand this stark divide. The polarization radiates from the highest level of government and is perfectly exemplified by her double standards of justice, and by her outright hypocrisy.

Consider this example: Four years ago, occupiers took over a federal building at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Their goal was a reversal of the prison sentences of two men convicted of committing arson on federal land. It was a protest, a demonstration meant to draw attention to a perceived injustice. The standoff with federal authorities that ensued lasted 40 days.

Sound familiar?

These protesters, who were – let’s be real – out in the middle of nowhere, did not attempt to destroy the building or burn it down. They did not scrawl profane graffiti on every surface or maliciously destroy equipment. No other citizens or businesses were seriously impacted.

That stands in contrast to Portland demonstrators who have now attempted to occupy, burn and destroy federal buildings in the middle of a major West Coast city for more than 60 days. (How many of these arsonists have gotten prison sentences?) Citizens and businesses continue to experience devastating safety and financial impacts.

The Malheur occupiers did not harm any federal law enforcement agents.

The Portland occupiers have repeatedly caused grave bodily harm to law enforcement agents, including blinding two agents with lasers, throwing incendiaries, bricks and more.

So how has Oregon’s governor reacted to these two situations? Get ready for polar opposites. Of course the reason for her duplicitous response is that the Malheur protesters were right wing and the Portland protesters are left wing.

Four years ago, Reuters reported that Oregon’s governor blasted the federal government’s response to the occupation of the wildlife refuge calling the situation “absolutely intolerable” and claiming it was costing the state about $100,000 a week. (Paltry compared to Portland’s losses.)

She wasn’t blasting them for being there protecting federal property, as she has done in Portland, but rather for not having a big enough, strong enough presence.

According to Reuters, “Brown called the situation a ‘spectacle of lawlessness’ which must end and said she had conveyed her very grave concerns to the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House.

“‘Federal authorities must move quickly to end the occupation and hold all of the wrongdoers accountable,’ the governor said. ‘And until Harney County is free of it, I will not stop insisting that federal officials enforce the law.’”

Really, Governor, you wanted them to enforce the law and protect federal property? Then why haven’t you done the same in Portland? Why haven’t there been any arrests by local law enforcement? Why are you calling on federal law enforcement to leave the state?

The Malheur standoff resulted in the arrests of most involved and lengthy prison terms – up to five years – for those convicted.

Does anyone believe Brown will see her way to prison terms for any of those who have harmed law enforcement officials or destroyed federal property in Portland? Even a single one?

So in Eastern Oregon, the governor was screaming for more federal help to come in and break heads and send Oregon protesters to prison. She fully supported their prison terms and expressed no concern or sorrow over the controversial shooting death of one of the protesters by federal authorities.

But in blue Portland, she’s screaming the opposite – for federal officers to leave and let the anarchists rain chaos and destruction down on federal property with no consequences for anyone.

Brown does not act on logic, reason or principle, nor, God help us all, does she act in the best interests of citizens. She acts on pure politics – far left, anarchist politics.

Perhaps more alarming than her diametrically opposite responses to these two occupations is the terrifying position in which she has now placed at least half, if not more, of her state’s citizens. (Because even sane Democrats and independent voters don’t identify with crazed anarchists.) These Oregon citizens now have clear and convincing evidence that she will not support or protect them, but instead will endanger and perhaps imprison them, unless they share her political beliefs and support these adolescent nihilists.

This article provided by Oregon Transformation Newsletter.