Mid-Session: House Democrats are Failing

We are featuring both sides of the mid-session review and letting you read entire each parties’ full defense. Here is the House Minority Office Press Release April 6, 2007

Story of 2007 Session: Broken Promises, Special Interests and Tax Increases

SALEM”” This week the House Democrats launched a media campaign to spin the Legislature’s inaction and ineffectiveness on important public safety and education issues. The 2007 session is only remarkable for its focus on new tax increases, despite record state revenues from taxpayers.

“When Republicans had a majority in the House of Representatives, there was no serious talk of tax increases, fee increases, payroll taxes, new mandates, new regulations or huge expansions of state government,” said House Republican Leader Wayne Scott (RCanby). “Today, the labor unions control the state government, driving a big-government, anti-business agenda that will kill job growth and punish Oregon families.”

The 2007 session has been marked by broken campaign promises, special interest politics and talk of huge tax increases:

Oregon is no closer to round-the-clock State Police protection on the state’s highways, especially after the Democrats abandoned their pledge to fund enough troopers to achieve this goal.

After promising to support higher education, including hosting staged rallies, the Democrats abandoned making serious investments in community colleges and universities.

After House Democratic candidates campaigned on immigration issues, House Democratic leadership has blocked debate on a number of serious reforms.

After pledging to make health care more accessible, the Democrat-controlled House continues to consider and pass state mandates that increase costs of health insurance.

After threatening to place measures on the ballot to “let the people decide,” the Democrats ignore the will of Oregon voters on Measure 37 and the double-majority standard.

After pledging not to push divisive issues and to reduce partisan bickering, House Democrats forced a symbolic vote on Iraq and use union front groups to attack Republican legislators.

After pledging to clamp down on special interests, the House Democrats reward labor unions by fast-tracking their high priority legislation, and rejecting a ban on gifts.

See attached PDF: House Democrats’ (Lack of) Mid-Session Progress Report.