Lars Larson on tax dollars for OPB

No way should Oregon tax dollars be going to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Millions of your tax dollars have been going to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Back when OPB was a state agency that might have made some sense. The problem is that OPB became a private agency. The folks at OPB begged and practically pleaded to be given private exemption status, which they now have.

Today, they still wanted to be treated like a state agency when it comes to tax help. That is just not right.

There are plenty of radio and television stations all over Oregon. That was not true when OPB was first formed, but it is now.

If you want to support OPB then sit down and write them a check. There are only 100,000 people out of millions in Oregon that actually do just that. The rest of us are forced to pay for OPB through our taxes, and that is just wrong. If this is right, then extend the tax benefits to every other broadcaster in Oregon.