Taxpayer Advocates Sound Alarm on High Taxes on Tax Filing Day

Press Release by Taxpayer Association of Oregon 4-17-07:
On Tax Day 2007 Taxpayers are surrounded by a swarm of tax proposals both in Congress and the State Legislature. Congress’ tax plan and inaction on renewing the Bush tax cuts could create the largest tax increase in United States history ($400 billion over five years by some estimates).

Jason Williams of the Taxpayer Association recounts the taxes that have appeared in the last 30 days in the Oregon State Legislature, “The State Legislature has had public hearings on (1) breaking the Measure 5 property tax limits, (2) creating an impact fee on new homes (3) creating an excise tax on new home construction (4) creating a real estate transfer tax (5) changing the kicker tax refund so it would be returned less to taxpayers (6) renew the 3% utility tax on your electric bill (7) eliminate the double majority tax protection for special elections (8) raising the corporate minimum tax for just existing in Oregon as a business (9) increase the cigarette tax (10) increase the cigar tax and placing expiration dates (sunsets) on much of the tax credits the public enjoys.”

State Representative Linda Flores — Chair of the Taxpayer Caucus in the Oregon House of Representatives (Appointed by Americans for Tax Reform) and Thomas Jefferson Award Winner in 2006 is speaking out against high taxes on this Tax Day. “Most Oregon families did not get a 20% pay raise this year but their state government did from additional tax revenue. We need to fund the core functions of government out of that record $2.5 billion increase in tax dollars and not ask taxpayers to shoulder an even higher burden in the form of new taxes and fees.” State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas)

State Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) three time winner of the Taxpayer Watchdog award is standing up for taxpayers on Tax Day. Thatcher commented, “I hope as Oregonians check their bottom line and realize how much they already pay in taxes for government services they will also take note of what’s going on in the Legislature. It seems like the current leadership has never met a tax or fee hike they didn’t like. I hope citizens will send a strong message to their elected representatives to hold the line and spend the money we already have coming into the state budget.” Thatcher is also Member of the House Committee on Government Accountability and Information Technology Committee.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon
PO Box 23573 Portland, OR 97281 (503) 603-9009

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  • nme

    One of the sounds I hear most often during this time is the gasp of people realizing they owe more than they expected followed by the famous line “How am I going to pay for that?”. Juts how are we suppossed to payf or it, when it feels like Government is getn’ bigger faster than our budget is getting bigger,


    Well, it sounds like we’ll have a lot of initiatives to vote on if all these pass. It’s too bad the citizens of Oregon have to legislate for their legislators.

    • Broke Taxpayer

      Is that what they’re called ‘leaders’? That isn’t what I call them. I call them greedy, rabid dogs fighting over a bone. That bone being your and my wages.

  • David G

    I sort of expect that before this legislature adjourns it will decide that it will also have to raid the newly created “rainy day” fund because, even with the extra $2.5 billion and all the new taxes, by golly, there just isn’t enough money to spend yet.

  • Jerry

    I am at a complete loss as to why the citizens of Oregon allow such a sham government to run amok.
    These people are completely nuts!

  • believeitornot

    A hatred of taxes, which is the hatred of money paid for taxes is used for the the upkeep of our country; which equals hatred of our country.

    Everytime a middle or working class member of the GOP supports the GOP they are voting against themselves. The GOP blew the federal deficit out of the water to the highest debt this country has ever seen, creating a fiscal mess for our children and grandchildren. The tax issues are not the weapon they once were for the GOP, its gas prices and the “middle class squeeze” that proccupy people. What are Republican candidates going to run on; ten more years of war in Iraq, tax phobia, nasty partisan support of Tom Delay, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney?

    • David G

      You are certainly right that the national Republican Party was responsible for its own trouncing in 2006.

      But we weren’t talking about Washington, we were talking about Salem. Reread the lead article here. Democrats in Salem are with surprising quickness lunging back into their old character role as the “tax and spend” party. Republicans may have lost their compass on financial issues, but the Democrats in Salem seem determined to put them back on the right track.

    • Steve Plunk

      Your statement equating hating taxes with hating our country is childish logic. People can love this country while still believing that the tax burden is too high and that government officials are irresponsible as far as spending money.

      The size of the government sector has become so large and wields so much power it is they who are creating the legacy of debt. I’ve been involved enough with government committees and commisions to see it first hand.

      Republicans nationally should run on lower taxes, strong national defense (including the war on terror) and against the nasty politics of Nancy Peolsi, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.

      Republicans in Oregon should run on lower taxes, less government, respect for voter initiatives and true economic development.

  • believeitornot

    President Bush has bankrupted America. Further, we have a completly different economic situation, a different fiscal and tax situation and the Republicans tactics are no longer appropriate. This president doesn’t care a bit about the fiscal situation and doesn’t worry about deficits and debts.

    Hating taxes has translated into a whole bunch of tax cuts that have no positive effect at all, some had negative effects, just revenue lost to no purpose what so ever. So America is bankrupt, now what? Keep hating taxes? American history will tell our children and grandchildren about the massive entitlement program for Medicare under Bush we couldn’t pay for. The current President has made special deals for special groups. When a country is run on political considerations only without thought to how it all fits together this is what we get, a bankrupt America. How can President Bush call himself a big government conservative, it is a contridiction in terms.

    • Steve Plunk

      As respectfully as I can possibly say this all I got out of your post was, Bush’s fault, Bush is evil, Bush hates people, Bush and his cronies.

      You get the picture? You blame and blame but offer little in terms of reasonable discourse. Every item you listed was passed by congress as well as signed by Bush. What special deals for special people? What about the fact that historically lower tax rates have stimulated the economy and increased revenues?

      Rather than go on about tax cuts (leaving money with the people) why not talk about too much government spending where the real damage is being done?

  • beleiveitornot

    The advisors to Bush set the agenda for the past decade. People do not hate him or find him evil, just ineffective, poorly advised, and still saying he can grow the economy while running up the biggest federal deficit this country has ever experienced. There is no blame in the statements, it simple reporting that obedience to the the Republican leadership has had dire consequences on a wide range of issues. The Republican track record speaks for itself.

    • Steve Plunk

      President Bush has been in office for six years. It hardly seems likely that his advisors have set the agenda for the last ten years.

      Since the congress holds the purse strings in our republic It certainly shares the blame for a debt that grows every day.

      In order to reduce our debt I recommend choking the beast by giving it less money forcing a reduction in spending. Republicans have rcognized for years that any increase in taxes will not be used for reduction in debt but instead leads to more spending.

  • beleiveitornot

    7 million Amreican have lost their health insurance since the Republicans have been running the Congress.Hunger is increasing, 35 million Americans struggled to put food on the table according to the US Dept. of Ag. Home foreclosures are skyrocketing. We have lost 3 million good paying manufacturing jobs since Bush was elected. $4 million fewer workers have pension coverage. College students graduate with $20,000 debt. 5 million peole have slipped into poverty. The average American is sucking wind.

    • Chris

      So let me get this straight, raising taxes is going to protect us from competition from China, India, and the EU (among others)? You list your parade of horribles, but conveniently forget to mention the fact that the economy is booming and unemployment is near record lows (outside of Oregon and its crazy anti-business regulations). Republican leadership failed to hold down spending; true. If they had, we would see the defecit shrinking faster than it already is. And yes, it is shrinking. The Bush tax cuts have resulted in robust economic growth, triggering an increase of tax proceeds. Furthermore, you talk of lost jobs as if there are none to replace them. Read the paper, our economy is creating NEW jobs every month. Here’s some simple logic for you: higher taxes + more regulation = equals less jobs. Who gets hit by this the hardest? The poor and middle class.

      I am a patriotic American veteran who pays his taxes and wants the government off of my back as much as possible. Childish remarks about hating this country if you don’t like high taxes have no place in a civilized discussion. Grow up.


    Get rid of the illegals who suck the life blood out of our economy and are hired into jobs that Americans should have, further depressing our economy.

    Boot them all out!

    • Captain_Anon

      that would be a great step to recovery.

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