Taxpayer Advocates Sound Alarm on High Taxes on Tax Filing Day

Press Release by Taxpayer Association of Oregon 4-17-07:
On Tax Day 2007 Taxpayers are surrounded by a swarm of tax proposals both in Congress and the State Legislature. Congress’ tax plan and inaction on renewing the Bush tax cuts could create the largest tax increase in United States history ($400 billion over five years by some estimates).

Jason Williams of the Taxpayer Association recounts the taxes that have appeared in the last 30 days in the Oregon State Legislature, “The State Legislature has had public hearings on (1) breaking the Measure 5 property tax limits, (2) creating an impact fee on new homes (3) creating an excise tax on new home construction (4) creating a real estate transfer tax (5) changing the kicker tax refund so it would be returned less to taxpayers (6) renew the 3% utility tax on your electric bill (7) eliminate the double majority tax protection for special elections (8) raising the corporate minimum tax for just existing in Oregon as a business (9) increase the cigarette tax (10) increase the cigar tax and placing expiration dates (sunsets) on much of the tax credits the public enjoys.”

State Representative Linda Flores — Chair of the Taxpayer Caucus in the Oregon House of Representatives (Appointed by Americans for Tax Reform) and Thomas Jefferson Award Winner in 2006 is speaking out against high taxes on this Tax Day. “Most Oregon families did not get a 20% pay raise this year but their state government did from additional tax revenue. We need to fund the core functions of government out of that record $2.5 billion increase in tax dollars and not ask taxpayers to shoulder an even higher burden in the form of new taxes and fees.” State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas)

State Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) three time winner of the Taxpayer Watchdog award is standing up for taxpayers on Tax Day. Thatcher commented, “I hope as Oregonians check their bottom line and realize how much they already pay in taxes for government services they will also take note of what’s going on in the Legislature. It seems like the current leadership has never met a tax or fee hike they didn’t like. I hope citizens will send a strong message to their elected representatives to hold the line and spend the money we already have coming into the state budget.” Thatcher is also Member of the House Committee on Government Accountability and Information Technology Committee.

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