Was Measure 37 cheated on last night?

The Joint Committee on Land Use Fairness was anything but “fair” last night, according to one Measure 37 supporter. These evening meetings have been held all Session long (among the longest of any committee), with people predictably being able to sign up for testimony at 4:00. Measure 37 supporters were surprised to find that the sign-up sheet was made available at 3:00, and by their arrival at 4:00 to see the sign-up sheet already filled with several pages of anti-Measure 37 witnesses. It seems that the measure 37 opponents knew of the sign-up sheet change but not the proponents.

If this complaint is as it reads, this represents a horrible scheme to cheat people out of a fair hearing. Is that the only way the liberals can pass laws is by cheating? We earnestly look for an explanation on this developing story.