2005 — The Year of Political Incivility

The year began and ended with political incivility in Oregon by liberals.

The political year started with President Bush’s inaugural speech where shouting protesters in the audience did everything possible to stop his speech. The protesters were from Eugene and were able to get great, up-close seat tickets from our Congressman Peter DeFazio. Gee, thanks Pete, for staining an important democratic event with your sour grapes just because your guy did not win the last presidential election.
The shameful treatment of President Bush is the latest and hottest trend of political incivility erupting from the liberal left. A month after the Bush inauguration we had a protester disruption occurrence at the Howard Dean/Richard Perle debate at Pacific University. The event made national news when an irate screaming protester rushed the stage at Richard Perle, throwing his shoe at him. (The Perle protest was just one of many in 2005 across the country; Bill Kristol was hit with a pie at Earlham College, David Horowitz also hit with a pie at Butler University, Patrick Buchanan was splashed with salad dressing at Western Michigan University, and Ann Coulter was harassed by screaming protesters at Kansas University)

Many are surprised to find that the penalty for assaulting a speaker and for disrupting an event can be as small as a $50 fine. It is a great deal for a liberal dissenter, who sees a $50 fine as a great way to ruin an event that took $10,000 to produce.

Portland protesters who rioted during a presidential visit found away to make a profit from breaking the law. They were rewarded with a $300,000 settlement from the city this year. Even after receiving their quarter million dollar prize, they still had the audacity to present a 12-page list of additional demands including prohibiting police from using pepper spray and rubber bullets against future rioters. The list of demands would only make it easier to create conditions for disorder so the protesters can more easily shut down future political events they do not like.

Let’s be clear: These are not acts of civil disobedience, but rather, they are undeniable acts of uncivil political violence. The aim is to forcibly shut up speakers and to rip the freedom of speech from their very throats.

By the middle of the year we had the construction of a McDonalds restaurant in Sisters Oregon that drove the environmentalists and smart growthers insane. Few things in life spell utter evil for liberals like McDonalds, and that becomes infinitely magnified when you erect one where uppity liberals live. So it came as no surprise when the new restaurant was set afire (just like a Starbucks was sabotaged in Portland last year).

Finally, 2005 ended with the charging of seven people involved with eco-terrorism with multiple Oregon connections. They were charged with sabotaging of a meat company (animal rights extremism), torching a tree farm (environmental extremism), toppling a Bonneville dam transmission tower (hydro-power haters?), and arson to a SUV lot (hybrid car fanatics?). No matter how minor a political cause may be, it still rises to the point of justifying terrorist acts with liberals.

From beginning to end, 2005 can be remembered for its liberal political incivility, harassment and violence. Without a doubt, liberals seem to have a monopoly on such political incivility (maybe their “˜end-justifies-the-means’ behavior is a natural outgrowth of their vehement rejection of absolute values?). Oregonians need to oppose such tactics as inherently undemocratic and unacceptable.

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  • Jerry Man

    Yeah, that’s right. In a year that the news came out that our government has tortured 100 prisoners to death, the problem is that a few people shouted at a rally. Those people need to be put in prison!

    Terrorist acts are those that attempt to cause terror in the general population. Not protesting at an event, or toppling a tower in the middle of nowhere, or burning SUVs in the middle of the night at a car dealership.

    Should we oppose such tactics? Sure. Should we do so reasonably, and in context? Yes. Should we focus our energy on stopping a dictatorship-thinking administration that tortures people to death? I think so.

    • So, Jerry, you don’t think that striking terror into the hearts of ordinary citizens by torching SUVs is a terrorist act? How about toppling a tower that is a major energy pipeline to thousands upon thousands, possibly ending someone’s life due to a power outage in a hospital?

      Jerry, Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism. And your blatant equivocation really bites my tuckus. These people are CRIMINALS. They are endangering the lives of millions, and you’re concerned about a few hundred foreign prisoners? And why are they endangering the lives of millions? Because they want to make a statement about their perceived notion about what the environment is?

      Our focus needs to be on these people, as they are the enemy that comes from within.

    • Larry Sink

      Jerry’s comments sound a whole lot like Pam Beaty’s letter to the Oregonian on December 13. She seemed to think that there are bad terrorists (airplane hijackers) and good terrorists (power line bombers and arsonists). She apparently thought that the our law enforcement agencies should give the good terrorists free rein to practice their own form of lawless terrorism no matter whose property they might choose to destroy. She was expecially upset that the FBI had been working for nine years to track down her eco-terrorist heros.

      Several years ago an eco-terrorist burned down a house under construction in Phoenix, AZ. He chose this house because it was blocking his access across private property to a mountain preserve park. He found such a thrill in performing this act of sabotage, that before long he was traveling out of his own community to find other houses to burn. My daughter’s new house (which wasn’t blocking anyone’s access to park property, and certainly was not in a location that he had any need to visit) burned to the ground in his tenth act of terrorism.

      I believe that anyone who has the capacity to commit one act of arson is probably delusional enough to become addicted to such terrorist behavior. I thank the Phoenix police for eventually tracking down that arsonist to spare other innocent citizens the anguish that my daughter and her family experienced.

      I applaud the fact that the NSA has developed electronic means to intercept messages that threaten our security. The World is not perfect, so even though we have the right to protest whenever we want, we still need to have brains enough to stop the extremists who threaten our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

  • David Anfinrud

    What the left doesn’t get is that if the terrorists win they would be the first one killed. Take a look at Hollywood Every movie star would be killed or become sex slaves to Moslem Terrorist. They constently think that they have all the right answers and you can can talk to people and make them change their minds. No they would have to make a choice follow the Moslem way of life No drugs, No liquor, no homosexuality. Could any of the leftist live without them.
    The latest poll in Palestine support by over 70% of the people to kill all Americans and Europeons that would not become part of their religion. That is the mind set you have to overcome. This is not the enlightened Moslem world of the 1300’s that did lots of trading with Europe.
    The left does not get the big picture that it they themselves are the problem. It is them that emboldens terrorists to behead people. They can disagree with the war but when they do violence and some of them attack military wives and their children. Liberals embody hate. Just like the Nazis in Germany they used hate to take over and control Germany. The left again are following the Nazi way of doing business.
    They always claim it is the rights that were Nazis but in fact the Nazi party was left of center. Because they use terror and hate to control the population. I guess we are seeing a rise in Nazi type actions I wonder who the next Adolf Hitler will be to bring world peace. We are only seeing a tip of the iceberg.
    It is a wonder that the democratic party can even survive. Their message of Hate and disunity never answers. They want Blacks to be in the poor neighborhood. They they can use the black community to fight Big businesses that do not give all their money to the Democrats.
    Liberals only power is hate and terrorist actions. A terrorists is a person who uses fear to get their way. By that tolken The democratic party leadership are also terrorists because I never see any solution I just see them block any attempt to improve society. Not one Democratic solution has worked in the past 50 years. The excuse is we need more money. The liberals expect the government to give them everything. And only a few people have the right to tell the rest of the country what they can or can not do.
    Socieity is being destroyed from within just like the Roman Empire fell apart from the activities of the Leftist of their time. We too are having the leftists destroying the foundation of our society. Family, Values, and Responsibility these three things make up our foundation yet at every turn these Leftist will want to destroy them.

  • Conservatives and Republicans have lost their sense of irony. This is the great lesson at the end of 2005. Read through your post–do you not see it? Fortunately, moderates do.

    Cautionary tale: in the early 70s, an irony-averse party dominated federal politics. Guess what happened to them?

  • Tim

    Moderate? Jeff, you are so completely full of shit you ought to be fertilizer.

  • Thanks for the civility lesson, Tim!

  • Jack Peek

    National security is a far more important issue, and until the Democrats make clear that they will err on the side of aggressiveness in the war against al-Qaeda, they will probably not regain the majority in Congress or the country.
    I didn’t write it, but it is good advice!

    TO THE IDIOT LIBBER THAT IS “CONNNNNNCERNED” about those lost to what maybe a resonable tool to stop the potential for killing tens of thousands of people, even his worthless a$$, SEE ABOVE!

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