Oregon: Nation’s 3rd worst vaccine roll-out

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This week Oregon made the Bloomberg News list of vaccine distribution but arrived at the bottom of the list as having the third worst vaccine distribution rate.  Only 15% of the doses have been administered.

This list is highlighted for the fact that Oregon keeps making the list of under-performing activities regarding COVID-19.  This fall, Oregon ran into serious contact tracing problems and barely received a passing score from TestandTrace.com.  Our distribution of COVID jobless relief funds was rated the worst in the nation due to the agency computer crash that stranded nearly a quarter million Oregonians.  Oregon was among the last 11 states to re-open schools because the state struggled to find a way to do it.

Here is how Oregon rates on on the vaccine distribution.

We issue these alarms, not to be political or critical, but to draw attention to the systemic failures of how Oregon is handling the pandemic so our leaders can begin to fix the problem and possibly save lives.

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