Senator Boquist: 2020 replaced facts with political opinions

2020 was the year facts became opinions and opinions became facts.

Brian Boquist
Oregon State Senator 


COVID-19 is the first example of how facts and opinions changed places – depending on which political side you chose. It is to the detriment of every American and global citizen that the pandemic became highly politicized from the very beginning; both political sides hurt the outcome with the polarization.

It is absolutely true that COVID-19 can be deadly. It is absolutely true that it is not deadly for everyone. With new information collected about COVID-19 every day, hour, minute, Americans are told to “trust the science”, but the problem with that mantra is the “science” has to come from one political side.

Americans cannot just “trust the science” because they have watched as “scientific” institutions and leaders backed violent protests over family funerals or the constitutional right for Americans to attend church. This LA County press release is a direct accusation that attending church leads to COVID-19 cases. The intent was to manipulate people to not attend church for Christmas services. But don’t forget: going to Costco, Walmart, rioting, Biden rallies… all of those are fine because they align with the correct political agenda: “Attending an indoor service will result in transmission of COVID-19 and additional hospitalizations that the healthcare system cannot handle at this time.”

Americans have watched their livelihoods disappear for arbitrary lockdowns. Biden’s COVID advisor says the USA needs to shut down for just 4-6 weeks and then we will ‘defeat’ the virus and ‘revive’ the economy. Explain again how shutting down the economy and all free enterprise, ‘revives’ it? We are witnessing the horrific consequences now, as millions face starvation as a result of the lockdowns. Did you know that in San Francisco, 621 people have died of drug overdoses this year, a number that far outpaces the 173 total COVID-19 deaths in the city. All of this in the name of “science”.

Contrary to the media and many politicians who scream that everyone should just “trust the science” that aligns with their worldview, doubt is essential to science.

Was it science (1) when the CDC rejected mask wearing; or (2) when the CDC strongly recommended everyone wear a mask; or (3) does the CDC flip-flop demonstrate that the science may change when more information becomes available? Warning: If you choose the third option you undercut all of your politically motivated ‘believe the science’ rants.”

MUST READ: Why many are losing trust in the institutions.

This is yet another reason why many people cannot just “trust the science”. The scientists keep lying about COVID-19 for blatantly political agendas and then saying, “Oh, that was just a noble lie, sorry about that.” For example, Dr. Fauci (who just turned 80 and his staff were probably coerced into singing for him) just ADMITTED to moving the goalposts during the political pandemic.

The Price of Panic: “The virus triggered panic long before it compared to any other global catastrophe… never before had scores of countries around the world chosen to perform such economic harikari in unison.”

According to Winter Oak – a British nonprofit social justice organization – globalist accomplices are using the COVID-19 pandemic “to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will.”

  • China already has camps built and operational.

The Oregonians that have sucked it up and followed the governor’s arbitrary rules are the “chumps”, as they’ve complied to the rules, hoping to get back to “normal”, but the government has taken advantage of these people, shutting down businesses one by one, fining businesses horrific fees for attempting to stay open and continuing to lock children out of schools, despite the pleas of thousands of parents and concerned citizens.

Rules have been made under the assumption that Americans cannot make decisions for themselves and need the government to tell them what to do. Until this point, too many people have shown the government this is true. But we can change it, starting today.

The point of America being free is not to act as one collective whole, but to be individuals with liberties.


Vaccine passports are coming. Spain will keep lists of people who decline to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and share that information with the EU. Imagine if the idea of “vaccine passports” had been floated this time last year. The outrage, not to mention the disbelief, would have been insane. It is UNREAL how desensitized so many people have gotten in mere MONTHS.

Vaccines should be an individual choice. Equal protection under the Constitution is the right of every Oregonian and American. With that said, why could vaccines for COVID-19, a virus with an extremely high survival rate for most, be mandatory, yet vaccines for the measles or Polio not be?

What do you think about the vaccine rollout in Oregon? Do you think vaccines should go to frontline and health care workers, even though many are not as susceptible to serious infection or death as the elderly?

  • A deficit within the ranks of the progressive party is that they do not value human life at its most vulnerable, the unborn and the elderly. Pending election results, the anti-life Democrat party may very well be leading the country the next four years. Previously, Biden’s COVID-19 advisor argued that he and everyone else should die by 75 years old. We know the elderly are the most at risk for dying from COVID-19. What could go wrong?

Oregonians in long-term care facilities, namely skilled nursing facilities, have been getting their first round of shots, which is good because they are at much higher risk of getting seriously sick or dying from COVID-19. What about seniors still living on their own and not in those facilities?

  • Veterans at a facility in Lebanon just started receiving vaccinations. This facility is the same place where one man survived COVID-19 in March and lived to see his 104th birthday!

Contrary to many Democrat-run states, Florida and Texas have started to distribute COVID vaccines to citizens over age 65. Their decisions go against the guidelines set by an advisory group at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC recommended that healthcare workers and nursing-home residents and staff members should be first in line, followed by other frontline workers and all people over 75. These recommendations, the group wrote, are meant to “preserve functioning of society” and “decrease death and serious disease as much as possible.”

This calls the question: How does the CDC determine what “preserves functioning of society” and whose lives are more valuable? How can Americans have an active role in this determination?

In Oregon, people with disabilities have faced incredible discrimination during the COVID-19 event with medical professionals making “do not resuscitate” decisions based on their interpretation of individuals’ quality of life.

This thread on Twitter about the “herd mentality” during the pandemic is interesting. People ultimately do not want to feel like “outsiders” and will wear the masks or obey the rules, despite the destruction to their lives and society.


The federal government and many state governments have absolutely failed the American people. How are Americans supposed to feel grateful for a measly $600 (maybe $2,000, but doubtful, and not everyone will get any help) after TEN months of unemployment as a result of the policies implemented by power-hungry politicians?

This failure has history: In 2009, the state received $85.6 million from the federal government to update the OED computer systems. After multiple audits and a decade of time, the computer systems still have not been updated. Oregonians have paid the price of sluggish bureaucracy. Oregon has been Democrat-controlled for decades.

To create stimulus check period, the ominous Federal Reserve is printing money as needed. Can they do this forever? Even if your eyes glaze over at the mention of The Economy, a government entity printing money when national output and production is significantly down due to the COVID-19 policies, this is concerning. Alternatively, continuing to print money to support the deficit caused by COVID-19 POLICIES may end badly, with China’s help.

  1. “The federal government spent $6.55 trillion in 2020, while tax receipts and other revenue trailed at $3.42 trillion. Much of the spending came from the $2.2 trillion economic relief package that Congress passed in March”
  2. “…for the first time U.S. debt is now about equal to GDP (Gross Domestic Product)”
  3. “…perhaps the Fed can “print money” forever. Well, unless China can demonstrate it has the technological know-how, political will and economic strength to threaten the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency, of course.”

One economist predicts the stock market will bottom late in 2022 or early 2023, and it will be the lowest stock market of our lifetime.

Why does the stock market matter to you? Stock market crashes affect the economy: “Lower stock prices mean less wealth for businesses, pension funds, and individual investors. Companies can’t get as much funding for operations and expansion.”

We experienced a COVID-19 stock market crash in early 2020. Why can the stock market crash? “Two things: a dramatic drop in stock prices and panic.”

American economist, Thomas Sowell: “The welfare state is the greatest confidence racket of all time. The government takes your money in taxes and then turns around and spends some of it to give you things. For this, you feel dependent on them, when in fact they are dependent on you.”

“The rise of remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court over which state gets to tax their income.” A ruling would have big budget implications for NY, which gets 10% of income taxes from NJ and CT residents. Basically: States just want your money for the heck of it.

  • “More than a dozen states submitted legal briefs this week to weigh in on a petition that New Hampshire filed with the court in October to stop Massachusetts from taxing residents working remotely. The petition says Massachusetts doesn’t have the right to tax the income of New Hampshire residents who previously commuted to their jobs in Massachusetts but now work from home.”

If Democrats truly cared about victims, instead of making everyone feel victimized on their quest for power, this horrific policy would not occur: California Supreme Court rules thousands of sex offenders are eligible for early release.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown prioritizes criminals over hard-working Oregonians (or the “chumps”) by releasing them early under the guise of the political pandemic.


2021 is the year to fight back against the arbitrary government mandates that are destroying the fabric of this nation.


In Oregon, main street businesses across the state are planning to reopen safely. A grassroots movement is empowering small businesses to disobey the arbitrary COVID-19 orders and reopen their doors for business on January 1.

All over the country, Americans are standing up for their rights.

  • Salon owner who defied Oregon’s lockdown order says Brown retaliated by sending child protective services to her home to threaten to take her children.
  • California restaurant owner confronts health inspector.
  • The media is down on Florida because the state’s leadership have refused to shutdown the economy and damage the livelihoods of its citizens out of fear. In a stark contrast to Oregon, Florida’s Governor signed an executive order prioritizing Floridians 65 and older for the vaccination, if they choose it.
  • People are pushing back from the ongoing government tyranny in Mossyrock, Washington where they just passed a city ordinance allowing businesses to stay open, regardless of Governor Inslee’s decrees.

Oregon businesses and leaders have asked Governor Kate Brown for data to point out why she and her bureaucratic agencies have arbitrarily shutdown restaurants and gyms. No such data has been provided.

If you “follow the science” it does not add up to continue the lockdowns anywhere across the globe.

  • CDC data shows COVID hasn’t increased the US death rate, a shocking discovery with how the media and many politicians portray the current state of affairs.


Stay alert, stay alive and do what it takes to boost your own immune system. Eat properly, drink water and get regular exercise (even with gyms closed for no good reason, YouTube and other platforms have quick exercise videos you can do from your home). Breathe the fresh air. Call loved ones. Boost your morale against the continued fearmongering. Remember, even those who contract the virus, over 98% recover and over 40% never show symptoms and aren’t actually sick.


  • Make the extra effort to smile (if possible) and say hello to strangers. Think about how kindness from a stranger makes you feel and pay it forward every time you leave home. Hellos, simple conversations, eye contact… these are small things, but they make a difference and are reminders of our shared humanity.
  • Read about American history and your rights. Education is the best investment you can make in yourself; no one can ever take it from you.
  • Pay attention and call out the media for the media-driven fear warped America’s COVID response.
  • Subscribe to innovative news outlets. Some ideas: Daily Wire, Epoch Times, OAN, National Review, Wall Street Journal
  • Do what you can to stay off of Twitter, Facebook and Google, as they censor conservative voices while promoting the leftist agenda.


Brian Boquist

Oregon State Senator