Oregon Senator Alan Olsen resigns

By NW Spotlight,

Oregon State Senator Alan Olsen announced his resignation on January 10th in the middle of his four year Senate term.

This was his message.

“Sometimes life throws you lemons. That is the time to hold up your head up and make lemonade. My family always comes first and because of that I have tendered my resignation effective 1/10/2021. It was a very difficult decision to make. Some of you know the circumstances so I hope you understand my motivation. It was a pleasure working with all of you. I really enjoyed the job, the research, and the debates. I will miss that.

The State and Country are in very dire times and I am sorry I will not be able to be there to help. A quote from Benjamin Franklin stated that “Those who would trade a little liberty for a little security deserved neither and would lose both.” Be careful in your decisions as the path you set upon could be very destructive for Oregonians. It is time for you to bring Oregon out of the cellar and into the light.”