Would Atkinson Run?

More and more people are talking about Jason Atkinson running for state office. I think he can do it, and let me explain why. Regardless of who you supported in the last gubernatorial election, you have to acknowledge that Jason Atkinson had the most inspired campaign. The passion of his supporters was unsurpassed. His honesty and ease on the campaign trail was refreshing and he did remarkably well against two well funded and experienced campaigners who had previously ran for the same office. Jason could build on those successes, whereas other contenders must start from scratch.

Atkinson is young, smart and motivated and his services are needed on a higher level. Soon Jason will have to decide whether he’s going to run for secretary of state.

Republicans have been shut out of statewide elected office for years and years. This next election cycle offers them a tremendous opportunity. Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is not going to run. Rumor has it that State Treasurer Randall Edwards is eyeing a bid for secretary of state. Randall Edward’s name recognition is low and he is not known for his campaign skills. This creates an interesting opportunity for Republicans.

If Atkinson ran, he could win. He still has an active campaign organization, he still has a network of activated supporters, and he still has the drive and passion to run a complete campaign. And, unlike his run for governor, this time he has the ability to raise enough money to run a successful campaign.

Finally, many believe that Jason Atkinson is the kind of person the state needs as secretary of state. He is fair, honest and strong in his convictions. He can motivate the base and win the independents. People are asking the important question. Will Jason run?