Would Atkinson Run?

More and more people are talking about Jason Atkinson running for state office. I think he can do it, and let me explain why. Regardless of who you supported in the last gubernatorial election, you have to acknowledge that Jason Atkinson had the most inspired campaign. The passion of his supporters was unsurpassed. His honesty and ease on the campaign trail was refreshing and he did remarkably well against two well funded and experienced campaigners who had previously ran for the same office. Jason could build on those successes, whereas other contenders must start from scratch.

Atkinson is young, smart and motivated and his services are needed on a higher level. Soon Jason will have to decide whether he’s going to run for secretary of state.

Republicans have been shut out of statewide elected office for years and years. This next election cycle offers them a tremendous opportunity. Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is not going to run. Rumor has it that State Treasurer Randall Edwards is eyeing a bid for secretary of state. Randall Edward’s name recognition is low and he is not known for his campaign skills. This creates an interesting opportunity for Republicans.

If Atkinson ran, he could win. He still has an active campaign organization, he still has a network of activated supporters, and he still has the drive and passion to run a complete campaign. And, unlike his run for governor, this time he has the ability to raise enough money to run a successful campaign.

Finally, many believe that Jason Atkinson is the kind of person the state needs as secretary of state. He is fair, honest and strong in his convictions. He can motivate the base and win the independents. People are asking the important question. Will Jason run?

  • Homerf12

    It is once said, that a man who straddles a fence gets a sore crotch. The fact that Jason stands on his own helps makes him a different color from the rest of the political gang. I have enjoyed his ideas, but that was then, this is now. If the good Senator has longing eyes for 2008 he needs to re-introduce himself in 2007. The Senator needs to take his project to the people statewide and show them that he is still on the cutting edge of good ideas and working for a larger goal than his own home district turf. He oughta do it, 2008 run or not, because he can, and our Beaver State needs a little more than what it is gettn’ now.

  • Steven Plunk

    Why Secretary of State? Why not another run at the governors office? I realize the Sec. of State job is a traditional stepping stone to the top job but we need a good Republican with name recognition to get in the game early for governor. Either way he will get my vote again.

  • Splash of cold water

    Sorry to have to point this out, but if Jason ran again for a statewide office his significant deficiencies as a candidate would once again be exposed for all to see:

    1) He is completely self-absorbed to the point of being a sociopath. “It’s not about me, it’s about a movement.” Oh really.

    2) He has the thinnest of professional resumes, and has accomplished nothing but occupy space in his senate seat. Most of his supposed professional activities are made up.

    3) He has the thinnest skin of any person I have ever seen run for statewide office. Thin skin = can’t take heat.

    4) Lack of substance. His inexperience results in having literally no clue about policy. His groundbreaking reform was to decide on the K12 budget in 90 days? Wow!


    • eagle eye

      Yes, if that was his doing — set the K-12 budget by a certain date before everything else — a gimmick and a very dangerous one — I’m already very skeptical about the guy.

      • Steve Plunk

        OK Splash and Eagle, I’m intrigued.

        Splash, if he is so self-absorbed some examples would be in order. Such strong accusations deserve some backing. I’m not saying he isn’t that way but back it up. The thin resume is a result of being groomed for political office from early on. I agree it’s a liability but not a disqualifier. The thin skin claim needs examples as well. The k12 budget idea was a good one. Knock off all this nonsense the legislators do early in the session and force real business to be done. Sure it didn’t fly but a lot of good ideas don’t get traction. (By the way, I’m a cyclist and just cringed at his velodrome idea.)

        Eagle, how was the k12 budget proposal “dangerous”? I don’t see anything wrong with getting the most inportant tasks done first.

        Atkinson is far from a perfect candidate but his youth and new ideas could be very attractive to independents while his genuine conservative credentials appease the party. There are no perfect candidates.

        • eagle eye

          Because K-12 is important, but not all-important, not by a long stretch. Setting its budget first greatly hampers flexibility on everything else, since it is the biggest share, I believe a majority, of the general funds budget.

          One of the dangers, I believe, is that the tendency will be to give the K-12 lobby everything it wants. When there are some serious reforms that K-12 should be dealing with. This could be a means of avoiding those issues.

          For example: teacher compensation in Oregon is very high. The problems in K-12 are never going to be dealt with until this is faced.


    I’d take him over the current regime whether it be SoS or Gov. but then again Elmer Fudd could do a better job than the current spores.

  • Sassy

    Being the strong Atkinson supporter that I am, I have to say that Jason is hard working, witty, and caring.

    As far as being thin skinned, perhaps you are mistaking that for a man who feels; after all he is not a robot! He is human, just like you and me.

    It is an admirable thing when an American citizen decides to run for office at any level as that puts them and thier family under close scruitiny by us, the public.

    Jason Atkinson has my support in whatever office he chooses to run.

  • iop

    Jason should do a bike tour across Oregon. I think rural communities would appreciate someone from Salem who takes the time to visit, listen and meet with them.

  • Mike Clark

    I wear my orange “Flying A” hat with pride. If new ones are going to be made for 2008, I’d like to have one of those as well. I’ll put in on and show up where ever Jason needs me.

    Mike Clark

  • Sassy

    Hey, is there a spell checker available for my comments? 😉

  • believeitornot

    Atkinson was supported by his church, which grew into several churchs providing him support. He is much further right than Mannix or Saxton. Among cyclers he’s known as a nice guy but not too smart. Sounds like a young George W. Bush. Best of all he doesn’t have any new ideas. Find him a good handler and Atkinson will spew the words that are provided. At last, the perfect candidate.

    • eagle eye

      If he’s really far to the right of Mannix and Saxton, he’ll get slaughtered if he makes it past the primary.

  • Atkinson is a Joke

    Evidence of Jason’s thin skin? Give me break! Do you remember when he hid in the corner and wouldn’t come out to talk with Lars? Pure cowardice! If he can’t stand up to Lars, how could he stand up to hardcore Democrats?

    In terms of his resume, do a Google search for “Allmand Tree Creative,” his supposed business. Nothing comes up but references on political sites. What kind of corporate consulting business has no website nor a single industry mention anywhere on the web? No wonder Atkinson refuses to name any of his clients….he doesn’t have any!

    Atkinson’s solitary life accomplishment is winning a state rep seat in 1998 thanks to his daddy’s coat tails in the area. Since then, he has merely occupied the seat, indulging himself by taking full advantage of every free trip and dinner offered by a lobbyists. When you don’t make any money, free dinners and vacations are probably important!

    Being wealthy shouldn’t be a prereq for statewide office, but candidates have got to be able to point to something in their past that qualifies them for high office. Atkinson, despite his hollow rhetoric, is basically a talentless looser who happened upon a legislative seat.

  • Brassv

    Sure he could run. It would be a waste of time though. There is not a chance in the “hot place” a non Democrat would win a statewide (withing Oregon State Gov’t) election anymore. Oregon has moved way way way too far left for there to be any type of change. Actually, there is a way. Someone could just have a D after their name and then when they get overwhelmingly elected (with the usual George Bush is the Devil platform) they could change parties.

    • Sassy

      I think you are wrong about Republicans winning elections.

      In fact, I think the problem is that Republicans listen to, and believe the poisonous jiborish you are spuing about not winning elections.

      PLUS, by making a GENERAL statement like that you are making a point of insulting the voters of this state by inferring that they do not think before they vote.

      I do not believe that those who have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice for my freedom to vote would appreciate it if I used my vote for anything other than to vote on my principles and values.

      So please don’t tell me it is a waste of time for someone with conservative principles and values should just give up running for office in Oregon.

  • John Fairplay

    “Among cyclers he’s known as a nice guy but not too smart.”

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. We’re still waiting for Lance Armstrong’s treatise on the Theory of Relativity as it applies to riding a bicycle.

  • Wayne Brady

    I think Jason would have a good chance to win. 2008 should be a good Republican year. The Democrats have overreached and there will be lots of conservative initiatives on the ballot. That will draw out the conservative vote. I think some of the Democrats and a lot of independents will be ready to take the Democrats down a notch.

    Some examples of Democrats excesses are trying to destroy Measure 37, trying to destroy the initiative process, SB 2 & HB 2007, and lots of tax and fee increases.

  • Max

    The big question is: would Atkinson be able to perform as well as Bradbury on issues of critical statewide significance – such as parroting AlGore’s Travellin’ Global Warning Show?


    Wow Max…………………hard to answer whether Atkinson would actually be willing to show his objectivity on the issue of aledged global warming. Unlike totally objective and obese Al “fry me some more Chicken in non-trans fat oil” Gorge…..opps, Gore.

    • anonymous

      I asked another state senator with whom I am friendly her opinion of Atkinson.

      “He’s the laziest person in the senate,” she replied, “but he makes a great margarita.”

      • Suburban Housewife

        Anyone who is seriously considering running for Secretary of State better get off their bum, make up their mind and start raising money… today! Not six months from now. 2008 is going to be another brutal year for Republicans and for an R to win a statewide race– it’s going to cost a few million and take someone who has the strategic vision, the time and the means to run a winning campaign. Is Jason really willing to give up his Senate seat to run for a statewide office in a tough year? Can he raise the necessary funds? Is he ready to make a decision to jump in the race today?

        • Surburban Housewife

          And Mike… it scares me that you want to wear anything Orange with pride. Maybe it’s time to go buy a new Duck hat.

          • Mike Clark

            Thanks! Got plenty of those. The “flying A” hat may be the only orange thing I own. It’s difficult to wear a Beaver color, but I do my best to bear it. :o)

  • bamabarrron

    a republican winning a state wide office in Oregon? Yikes, what all are y’all smoking! Listen, if you couldnt defeat Teddy K, the party doesnt stand a chance in hell. Until you can overwhelmingly win one of the big five counties, you might as well stay home.

    finally, the oregon gop will bever be a strong contender while you listen to the likes of mannix and lars. Oregonians wont respond … end of debate.

    • eagle eye

      Right you are, bammer. The Oregon Republicans don’t seem to have a clue what has happened to them, let alone what to do about it. It’s hard to see much of a future unless something changes very drastically.

  • Wayne Brady

    Dream on bamabarron and eagle eye. 2008 will be a great year for Republicans. The Democrats in this state and nationally have overreached and there will be a backlash. The electorate is not nearly as liberal as the Democrat politicians. The Democrats misread the last election and will pay for their misreading.

    • eagle eye

      Dream on, Wayne!