Senator Boquist: Let’s get kids back in school

Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,

Shortly before Biden assumed office, Gov. Brown reversed course on her education policies during the COVID-19 event by allowing districts to decide if they want to reopen schools. Brown set a Feb. 15 goal for schools “to return students to in-person instruction, especially elementary students.”

Unfortunately, a common pattern seen throughout the country with the lockdowns is it largely depends on where students live if they will receive in-person education. States in the southern half of America, such as Florida, have kept schools open, prioritizing education of their youths. Klamath Falls school districts reopened this month. But Portland-area kids look to be out of luck.

Teachers unions across the country are using extortion by saying kids will go back to school if the teachers are vaccinated first. But, lo and behold, teachers are getting vaccinated and still the unions don’t want teachers back in schools doing their jobs. Fairfax, VA schools are saying kids won’t be in school until even after Sept ’21, even WITH teachers getting vaccinated first, before dying seniors.

Disturbingly, it will be best case scenario if many kids only miss ONE entire year of school as it’s looking like the COVID-19 politicization will carry well into this year and likely next… especially with the “new variants” appearing everywhere.

The damage adults are doing to our kids is not worth it. Adults are prioritizing their fear of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate over the wellbeing of children. The virus was never a threat to children, and they infrequently transmit the virus. Forget the science though, because there is already the push for vaccinating kids.

The lockdowns have been to protect adults. Adults, who are supposed to protect the children, have asked kids to make enormous sacrifices.

Nevada parents are screaming to get kids back in school as they are seeing a suicide epidemic. In one Nevada school district, 18 kids have killed themselves; 9 more than 2019, and the youngest kid was 9 years old.

Kids were already struggling with suicides and mental illness before the COVID-19 political lockdowns and then adults made policy decisions to lock them in isolation, muzzle them in public (now we need 2-3 masks because “science”… can’t make this stuff up) and rip them away from their routines because the adults were afraid of the kids for no scientific reason. This is NOT how society is supposed to work. What is the reduction in COVID-19 case numbers from the lockdowns that makes even one child suicide worth it? This isn’t a science question; it is a moral one. Entire societies can be judged on how they treat their children.

• What else can we expect from a society that does not protect innocent children in the womb?
• How is a baby only a baby if it’s wanted?
• Making abortion unthinkable won’t happen overnight. It will happen by taking small steps, one at a time, and persevering.

Biden unsurprisingly doesn’t scold cowardly teachers unions. There must be countless teachers who want to get back to work to teach the kids in-person because those that are allowed to speak out have said online learning isn’t the same. The union ultimately runs the show because the union funds Democrat campaigns.