Lars Larson on Virginia Tech

It is time for more guns in our society and not fewer after the Virginia Tech shooting.

The horrific shooting at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia has already led a lot of people to say we need more gun laws.

The fact is that we already have thousands of gun laws at the federal, state, and local level. These laws rarely do a darn bit of good.

What we need are more guns in society in the hands of law abiding citizens. Most especially we need more guns on campuses Right now our K-12 schools, colleges and universities, are the most vulnerable targets that we have in society. Most of these are guarded by no more than a security force and usually an unarmed security force at that.

That has to change. We have to allow faculty and students (who are legally qualified) to carry guns on America’s college campuses and in public schools.

This is Lars Larson with a NW Report.

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  • Homerf12

    My kind of lady!

    WAYNESBURG, Ky. — Miss America 1944 has a talent that likely has never appeared on a beauty pageant stage: She fired a handgun to shoot out a vehicle’s tires and stop an intruder.

  • dartagnan

    “What we need are more guns in society in the hands of law abiding citizens,” says Lars Larson.

    Someone should remind Lars that everybody who commits a gun crime is “law-abiding” until he commits the crime. The Virginia Tech shooter had not committed any crimes until he walked onto the campus and gunned down 32 people. He was a law-abiding gun owner.

    • Anonymous

      “Someone should remind Lars that everybody who commits a gun crime is “law-abiding” until he commits the crime”

      Are you completely daft?

      Something like 99% of so-called gun crimes are committed by people with criminal reacords. As to the VT Shooter, I guess you don’t consider stalking a crime.

      • Anonymous

        Citation to fact source please. anyone can pull numbers out of thier ass. we need facts.

  • PSU 2nd Amendment Society

    As president of the PSU 2nd Amendment Society, I have long been in favor of arming students and faculty. But there is an even bigger danger out there too. RIGHT NOW ALL PUBLIC SAFETY ON PUBLIC COLLEGE CAMPUS ARE LEGALLY PROHIBITED FROM HAVING FIREARMS. PSU has gone so far as to also prohibit tasers from their public safety officers as well. This has lead to the policy of CPSO that they DO NOT respond to calls involving a weapon.

    Only OSU has fixed this issue by contracting with OSP Troopers rather than having their own Public Safety team.

    • Anthony

      OSP is contracted to Oregon State because we have our own functional nuclear reactor on campus. I think it has something to do with state law.

      OSU has a public safety team as well, and if I remember correctly, they carry tasers and have shotguns in their rigs.

      • Anonymous

        Ok thanks for the clarification.

  • anonymous

    this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I seriously don’t even know how to respond other than Lars Larson, Rush “druggie hypocrite” Limbaugh, and their ilk are really hard core Liberals trying to expose the wacko neocon extremists for what they are.

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