Across nation, Oregon businesses hurt more…so Gov. wants to tax more?

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This chart from data compiled by the CATO Institute shows that Oregon is facing a tax revenue loss greater than 42  other states.   Hawaii and Florida’s huge losses can be easily explained because they are a tourist dependent state hit disproportionaly hard with COVID.   Texas, in part, was suffering from a plumetting oil tax revenue drop followed by a new oil tax which made revenue drop further.

First, Oregon’s losses can be explained by the fact that Oregon was early-to-enter/late-to-leave during both the Spring and Fall COVID lockdowns.  When not in lockdown, Oregon was rated in the top 10 most restrictive states for COVID rules.

Second, the politicians ignored 120 days of rioting in Portland by remaining silent, defunding police (by $12 million) and by enacting measures blocking police from doing their job, making the riots even more destructive and prolonged.

Part of Oregon’s revenue drop can be directly attributed to Governor Brown and other politicians who made Oregon sacrifice more by their decisions.  Then why punish businesses with several tax increases to make up for the pain the politicians caused?   Even with good intentions, like preventing COVID, it makes no sense to treat a wounded business economy with more taxes — especially since Oregon government raises outpaced all other Oregon industries during the pandemic.

The chart below shows that Oregon business losses were greatest against the restaurant and lodging industry — which Oregon kept closed longer than most states.

Gov. Brown has proposed a $273 million small business tax, a 1000% alcohol tax, as well as a property tax that will hit commercial property.

There are three timber taxes being proposed.

SB 137-1 is a backdoor business tax.

The taxes need to stop.

CATO chart

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