Bill lets counties revoke Second Amendment rights

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

State lawmakers call themselves “representatives” of the people.

Lately, their actions seem anything BUT representative.

The latest example?

A Senate bill to let cities and counties revoke the right to carry a gun.

The number of gun carry permits has increased three years in a row.

Citizens want them.

Last year, gun background checks went up 44%

Last month the number was 57% bigger.

So, lawmakers threaten to take away something the people they represent want.

Somebody tell me how THAT’S representative.

Governor Kate Brown has armed security. So does Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Oregon’s so called “representatives” care so much about THEIR personal security they want State Representative Mike Nearman prosecuted for opening a door and letting the public into a public building.

Now that people want their OWN security…representatives want to take it.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Citizens rejected drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Lawmakers did it anyway. Voters chose tough penalties for violent criminals in Measure 11. Lawmakers gutted that. The death penalty…a citizen choice…voided.

So here’s the rule people…if you really want something…the last thing you want to do is tell the people’s representatives…who will TAKE IT if you want it.