Rep. Boomer Wright: Only 20% of students back in school?

By Boomer Wright,
Oregon State Representative

Only 20% of students (116,749) are (partially) back in school, which also means about 80% of students statewide are still fully distance learning. As a former educator, it saddens me to see the goalposts moved for Oregon students yet again. The previous goal was a return to school in February. Now it’s the end of April. This, after Governor Brown said she is “absolutely committed to using every tool that we have in the toolbox to get our students back into the classroom safely.”

Unfortunately, local school districts are finding it difficult to move forward with reopening because they don’t have the support they need from the state. Governor Brown should be leading by allowing teachers and students who want to continue remote learning to do so, but simultaneously removing barriers for those ready to resume in-person instruction.
I’m afraid a return to in-person instruction in the 2021-2022 school year is going to be too late for Oregon students and their families. They deserve better.

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