Legislative Hide and Seek

Press Release from Senate Republican Office 4/24/07:

Legislative Hide and Seek

Salem, OR — In the ongoing effort to stifle debate and differing ideas in of the legislative process, Democrats are explicitly breaking Senate Rules to leave conflicting perspectives in a procedural no-man’s land. A bill has disappeared between committee and the Presidents desk for over 14 days, breaking the maximum 5 day requirement in Senate Rule 8.50.

“In school we called kids who broke the rules or stole the ball “˜bullies’ and the teacher didn’t let them play anymore,” said Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “The chair of this committee is playing fast and loose with the rules. There is no excuse for silencing the voice of Oregonians.”

Senators Jason Atkinson (R-Central Point) and Roger Beyer (R-Molalla) filed an amendment known as a “minority report” to SB 235 on April 10 in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee. The committee chair, Senator Brad Avakian (D-Beaverton), then had 5 days according to Senate Rule 8.50 to file the bill and minority report with the President of the Senate for consideration on the floor. Fourteen days later, the bill is unaccounted for.

“This isn’t the first time Senate Democrats have sought to lock Senate Republicans and their ideas out of the process,” said Ferrioli. “First it was discussions about a rainy day fund, and then it was debate surrounding Measure 37. Oregonians want a legislature that can cross party lines to accomplish what is best for our state. We are knocking on that door, waiting for it to open.”

Senator Ferrioli sent a letter to President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) requesting a floor vote for Senate Bill 235 no later then April 26. The letter is attached.

Oregonians are seeing good public policy hidden, derailed or bottled up by Democrat partisans.