Lars Larson: Kickers for non taxpayers?!

What do you mean, “change the kicker law in Oregon”?

You know the kicker’s been in the Oregon Constitution for quite some time: in state law, even longer than that. And all it says is, if Oregon goes out and budgets a certain amount of money for State government. They should live within that budget.

If they happen to collect more in taxes than the amount they budgeted to spend they should send the excess back to the people who paid it, the taxpayers. Well, now they are talking about changing the formula. You see it really irks the liberals that people who don’t pay taxes don’t get a tax kicker.

Now that’s always made perfect sense to me. If you don’t pay any taxes, why should you get a tax refund? And yet, now they are talking about changing the formula. So that 140,000 Oregonians who pay not one single dime in taxes would get back a tax kicker. And that would reduce the amount that’s paid back to the people who actually pay it. It’s practically Communism. But, that’s Oregon Democrats for ya.

NW Reports Friday, April 27, 2007 by Lars Larson