GOP touts $9.6B school budget, $300M more than Dem plan

By Oregon House Republicans,

House Republicans renew push for fully funded schools, oppose ‘cuts’ budget

Republicans move to send school budget bill back to committee to increase amount
House Republicans made a motion to send the school budget bill back to committee from the floor to increase the amount from $9.3 billion to $9.6 billion before it passes.

House Democrats opposed the motion to fully fund schools.

Republicans have supported school districts’ calls for a fully funded school budget, which education leaders say amounts to $9.6 billion to avoid layoffs and budget cuts. The current proposal is $300,000,000 less than what schools need to operate at full capacity, they say.

“We should not be moving forward with a budget that will harm our kids’ education in the long run,” said House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby).

“Schools tell us that $9.6 billion is needed to avoid cuts next year, and we must believe them. Our state has more money than ever, and we’re committed to giving families the choice of in-person learning next fall. This is the wrong time to move forward with a ‘cuts’ budget. Our kids deserve better.”