Science and the Democrats

“Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science,” 


Anthony Fauci


The monumental arrogance of that statement and of Dr. Anthony Fauci in issuing it is what drives the average American crazy.  It’s not just Mr. Fauci; it is the same for other Democrat office holders, bureaucrats and their publicists in the mainstream media.  Such statements are designed to cut off discussion, to avoid contrary views, to demand obeisance that the government is always right, and to establish themselves as the ultimate decision maker.  And that should chill the bones of every man and woman who has a sense of history and the striving of a people to be free.


Mr. Fauci has been all over the map in making pronouncements about the wearing of face masks.  In doing so he has never once referred to an actual scientific study, demonstration, or test subject to peer review that supports his statements.  At best his comments may be justified by existent circumstances but never by science and rather than acknowledging that Mr. Fauci has simply donned his lab coat, draped his stethoscope around his neck, ensured his title is prominently displayed and then run his mouth as if he were announcing real science.  


Closer to home, Governor Kate Brown (D-OR) has announced that she will not lift COVID restrictions until seventy percent of eligible Oregonians are vaccinated.  As of the close of last week, that number hovered near sixty-seven percent.  So what is magic about seventy percent of eligible Oregonians?  Nothing.  But apparently Ms. Brown equates it to “herd immunity.”  There is not the slightest bit of evidence establishing that number.  


Even the unscientific Mr.Fauci has estimated that “herd immunity” requires between seventy and eighty-five percent and that is just it – an estimate, not based on any scientific study or peer reviewed conclusion, just his SWAG.  But at least Mr.Fauci acknowledges that the number should include not only those who have been vaccinated but also those who have achieved natural immunity via having had and recovered from the COVID disease.  So let’s break down those numbers for Oregon.  According  to a June 11 statement by Ms. Brown, 67.2% of eligible adults had received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. That suggests that the “eligible adult population” that Ms. Brown is using as a base is approximately 2,910,590.  Seventy percent of that base is 2,080,113.  Using those who have received at least one dose of the vaccine according to Ms. Brown means that 1,955,916 eligible adults have received at least one dose as of June 11.  Now add to that the 205,030 of reported cases of COVID in Oregon as reported by the New York Times last Friday, we see that the total of those immunized and those with natural immunity equals 2,157,946 eligible adults have achieved immunity – a number far in excess of seventy percent – the unscientific and arbitrary number set by Ms. Brown.  


Almost all medical personnel concede that the reported number of COVID infections are significantly lower than the actual experience because many of those infected are either asymptomatic or experienced such mild symptoms that they did not seek medical help.  Assuming that to be true would only raise the percentage of people who have either been inoculated or have natural immunities.  And that is precisely why arbitrary numbers posted by Ms. Brown and Mr.Fauci are neither scientific nor helpful in measuring how to return a population repressed by unscientific notions to a state of well being such as we experienced before the pandemic.


A better way of looking at this without assigning an arbitrary number is to observe the trend lines.  And the trend lines are all on a downward slope – a radical downward slope.  Even Ms. Brown’s fellow travelers – Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) have announced the lifting of restrictions on the arbitrary date of July 1, regardless of the percentage of those vaccinated.

So, Ms. Brown, it is time to give it up.  Just acknowledge that most, if not all ,of your pandemic edicts were based on expediency, political opportunism, bias and copying other liberal/progressive politicians rather than any real science.  Please open the State of Oregon and release its citizens from the repression that has burdened them for over a year.