O.E.A. Opposes Democracy

The opposition to democracy has gone so far it has spawned web sites over the activity. This one is called Vote Blocker dot com and highlights the teacher’s union attempts to block legal democratic activity.

We learned here at townhall.com that Brenda Snider, the union’s accounts consultant sent out this gem of an email:

While you are shopping, going to the post office or sitting at a football game please be on the lookout for the petitioners. If you see a petitioner while shopping this weekend contact the malls at the numbers listed below and tell them that you are being bothered by their petitioning. Print a copy of the message and take it with you this weekend.

However it does not stop there. For those of us that have been involved in the initiative process in Oregon have known for quite some time that the union thugs would lie to stop legal signature gathering activity. Well now we have someone admitting it here :

The other day I saw one of these people outside a store. I went into the store and told the manager that he cussed me and my mother out for not signing. He called the security people and they ran him off. Now, sure this isn’t true…he didn’t cuss me out. But the way they are subverting
democracy is a heck of a lot worse than me dealing with them in a manner I did.

Oh and did I forget to mention that the O.E.A. of which I speak is the Oklahoma Education Association? Could have fooled you huh? I mean it sounds so much like the anti democracy tactics currently employed by our friends over at OurOregon. Why does it sound so familiar?

It sounds familiar because the freedom loving folks at the O.E.A. hired an organizer from OREGON to coordinate the blocking activities. A great article on it can be found here.

This of course is the standard MO of the unions. After all they are people without ideas and merely survive off of the hard work of their members. They are afraid for anything to reach the ballot that might actually cause them to form a coherent argument. They know that they would lose.

So, instead of sending the thugs down to the loading docks to beat the tar out of some poor schmuck that is trying to feed his family they now send their thugs down to the street corners to interfere with legal political activity.

We have already established here that Democrats participate in voter fraud and have been convicted for it. The Democratically controlled elections office of King County Washington has shown on numerous occasions that they will find ballots for their candidate.

Yet in Oregon and Oklahoma the union thug Democrats are intent on preventing the average Joe from having their voice represented.

How patriotic. I can almost hear the music now.

Yip Yip