House to gut Measure 37 today

On the House floor today is when HB3540 will be heard to refer to voters a measure to gut Measure 37. Here is the Taxpayer Association response:

Respect the will of the voters!
Voters want landowner compensation, not claim termination!

Voters twice affirmed landowner compensation (Measure 37 and Measure 7). Their vote has been clear and convincing as they desire to see their rights enforced not compromised and re-regulated out of existence.

HB 3540 delays helping aggrieved landowners
Many victimized landowners have waited decades for just compensation while others have spent thousands of dollars and hours working their existing claim, yet HB 3540 forced them to re-file and others to lose their claim altogether. There is also no time limit for LCDC to resolve claims, which not only delays justice but it adds more cost and burdens to the victimized landowner.

HB 3540 unfairly punishes landowners who have been victimized the most. Larger landowner claims (commercial, industrial, etc.) are terminated under HB 3540. This means that the more government has taken from landowners the more likely you will not be compensated.

HB 3540 exempts the largest & most populous residential region in Oregon. This bill exempts future Metro-area regulations which cover most of the population of the state. Why do landowners’ civil rights end when you cross from one street to another? It makes no sense, other than to limit any financial obligation the State has to aggrieved landowners by removing a large pool of claims.