Sen. Boquist: Putting Afghans before US citizens trapped there

.By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Gov. Brown is opening her arms for Afghan refugees, but making life hell for Oregonians.

— From this article: “Armed private security forces, hired by local businesses, are now patrolling Portland, Oregon’s, downtown to keep the peace amid a crime spree, following a Portland city government decision to slash police funding by $16 million.”

— Report: Oregon cannabis workers in “slave-like” conditions.

— Cracking down on fake court orders.


Leftist democrats are prioritizing Afghan refugees over the American citizens still trapped in the country. They plan to use part of their $3.5 trillion budget plan to help resettle Afghan refugees.

Americans trapped behind enemy lines and the State Dept is focused on gender equality. America is a laughingstock. “The United States and the international community will be vigilant in monitoring how any future government in Afghanistan ensures the rights and freedoms that women and girls in that country have come to expect.”

OPINION: America cares more about pronouns than the fate of Afghan women.

Also, Twitter is just letting the Taliban use its platform. And USA just handed Afghanistan’s lithium to China. Cool.

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