Oregon churches brace for new round of attacks

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Anarchists who last year claimed Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage on Columbus Day gave them free reign to wreak havoc in downtown Portland may be planning similar destructiveness this weekend’s Columbus Day, so Catholic churches are preparing.

Holy Redeemer Parish in North Portland will pray in eucharistic adoration at night from Oct. 8 through 11 in hopes that the presence of parishioners may curb violence on the church campus, according to Catholic News Service.

FBI officials have contacted local churches to be alert for vandalism during the Oct. 11 holiday, which Oregon recognizes as Indigenous Peoples Day rather than Columbus Day. Social media posts declare plans for another “Day of Rage,” possibly targeting churches.

This summer four Portland Catholic churches were vandalized:


On other occasions these Portland churches have been attacked (April 14):

November 4, 2020, anarchists break into a Portland’s Saint Andre Bessette Church (right).


Sign from anarchists at rally showing hostility to religion:


Portland outdoor worship event this summer was disrupted and maced by anarchists:


Last year, Leftist protesters try to ruin a Sean Fuecht Christian worship concert at the Portland Waterfront park by chanting with bullhorns that there is no God and waving signs that Jesus was a white supremacist. 


Some damage done from Columbus Day in 2020 in Portland:  Both Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln toppled.

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