Postage Stamps Increase, yet none available?

Well today is the day that postage rates increase by 2-cents. It came to no surprise that when I went to pick up the new postcard stamps last Friday that the new postcard stamps were not in. This is the same problem I encountered when they raised post rates last time. Their new full-rate stamps were available, but they didn’t come in to around 10 days before the change. We must not forget that the post office is a private entity that is over-regulated from the government and shielded from competition.

  • Captain_Anon

    shielded from competition? Like UPS, FED-X, UHL, and the internet?

    My personal experience is that the last time they raised the price, they had plenty available before the day. maybe it was that specific post office you went to, i don’t know. but i do know you can get postage printed on line for the correct amount, and you can have stamps delivered to you. which is pretty cool from a former government department.

  • Jason Williams

    For most mail the post office has government enforced statutory monopoly.

    – The government has given the post-office sole authority and statutory monopoly to delivery of first class and third class mail.
    – By law FedEx and USPS cannot deliver to your private home mailbox.

    This problem of having late arriving first class stamps and no-postcard stamps has been experienced by people in otthe rpost offices and was the second time it happened at my post office. If the post office actually released first class stamps earlier ti would not only make customers happy, but many customers would use them immediatly before the deadline helping to earn the post office more money.

    Printing online is helpful, but not when you need to mail 1000 pieces of letters, then it is costing me more money to print labels. I want what most customers want, the ability to go to a store and get what you need when you need it.


    I got some “forever stamps” 4 weeks ago at post office on 122nd and Shaver.

  • Dave A.

    Lots of stamps available at the University Station Post Office in downtown Portland on friday 5/11. Where are you?

  • eagle eye

    Monopoly or not, I’ve been very satisfied for years with the service I’ve gotten from the Post Office. The price increases have been reasonable, my mailman is always cheerful, they have a great system for stopping mail while I’m traveling. I wish e.g. that the financial services I endure were as convenient and thoughtful.

  • set the record straight

    “The United States Postal Service® is an independent establishment of the Executive Branch of the United States Government. It operates in a businesslike way.”

    Yikes. Scary you don’t even know the basics of the postal service that every kid learns in grade school. It makes one wonder what other more important facts you play fast and loose with on this blog.

    The postal service is often referred to as a “federally chartered corporation.” It is an independent agency of the federal government. What sets them apart from other agencies is that they don’t receive federal funding for operations. Essentially, they’re a government agency that runs like a business.

    Isn’t that every conservative’s wet dream?

    • Jason Williams

      For goodness sakes, where does all that bitterness come from?

      The post office is a quasi-government creation where it is purposefully set out to run like a business ( power to sue, and be sued, under its own name, power to adopt, amend and repeal its own regulations, power to “enter into and perform contracts, execute instruments, and determine the character of, and necessity for, its expenditures” , power to buy, sell and lease private property , power to build, operate, lease and maintain buildings and facilities), yet with mandates, appointments, and control from government which is the regulation part, or “over-regulation” as I like to say because it keeps the post office from operating as it fully chooses or as fully a business.

      I thought it interesting that the USPS website said this….

      “The law that created today’s Postal Service, the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, placed the organization on a businesslike footing by making postal operations self-sufficient. The new business environment led to UNPARRAELLED levels of service and efficiency.”

      You state that privatizing part of the post office is a conservative’s dream. That is nice, but what free market people want is to let the post office be run without the over-regulation and no-competition barriers. Even if your favorite company like Whole Foods or Nike or Wal-Mart were to have such restrictions, it would hinder its full customer service. In customer service is the crux of the article, where it is postcard stamps that the post office has again failed its customers. There is no competition with postcard stamps because only the post office can deliver first class and bulk postcards. I want the post office to improve customer service by introducing competition and allowing them to do the business as they see fit.

      • Debbie Marshall

        AMEN Jason! Same thing happened here at the Vicksburg, Miss. Post Office. Never have a selection and all they had was the Forever stamp (Liberty Bell) well you know they are for a limited time offer so who will keep them forever – you will be out of stamps when they go up again. Also I have to stand in line at least 30 minutes or longer everytime I go to the post office. Only have one or two clerks and 5 windows and they surely take their time. I know if one of my customers had to wait in line to pay for an item they would have already walked out and lost the sale! Should have different variety of stamps and should have more workers and better service!

  • Britt Storkson

    Ever wonder why you never get junk mail delivered via UPS or Fedex? It always comes via the U.S. Postal service. It’s because you’re paying for it in the form higher postal rates. Merchants in effect use your money to clog your mailbox with unwanted ads because, for all practical purposes, delivery is free. How about charging the same rate for everybody for the same service? Junk mail would disappear overnight.

    • Captain_Anon

      while i abhor junk mail, bulk mail and programs like it allow private businesses to thrive by lowering advertising costs. it’s not free, but it is drastically reduced thanks to the economies of scale. Let’s not forget that such programs help the little guy survive the business game board.

      And i’m really not trying to be nit picky jason, but a lack of stamps is not a customer service issue. it’s a supply issue. it sounds like all the other post offices had the stamps, just not yours. so most likely, there was a problem with the transport of them. perhaps that truck got in a wreck, or the private supplier of paper ran out or something down on the supply chain? it’s hard to say. but it’s not a customer service issue. and it’s the same kind of issue that happens at private retail stores. I’d like a Playstation 2.” oh sorry, i know they are supposed to be released today, but we don’t have our allocation yet.” man, it happens.

  • Jason Williams

    I would be way more accepting of the post office if tehy ran out, but they knew weeks before the deadline that new postcard stamps would not available. It was the same situation two years ago. I was stuck with a postcard mailing that I couldn’t buy stamps for (except for adding 2-center to every single card of the 1,000).

    The sheer oddity of the post office knowing they would have them in advance. The post office can do better.