7 bad ideas of Gov. Brown’s trip to big climate event

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Governor Brown flew to Glasgow for a climate conference.

This raises several questions and several bad ideas:

1. Why create pollution to attend a conference on pollution?   Where is the innovation among political environmentalists to reinvent a less polluting conference?   Lead by example!

2. Why create pollution to travel to a nation with a fuel shortage crisis?  Europe is suffering from a massive fuel shortage and price spikes this winter.

3. Why not Carbon-Tax yourself?  Governor Brown has been pushing for an Oregon Carbon Tax, so why not carbon tax your own high-polluting fossil fuel trip to the Climate Conference and lead by example.

4. Double standard on Zoom conferences:  In many cases, we Oregonians are forced to use Zoom in order to attend town halls, school board meetings and testify before our lawmakers.    Yet, Governor Brown can meet as many politicians as she wants to in person and face-to-face.   Remember, many key government offices are still not open to the public.

5. Double standard on COVID19.  Europe is asking people to limit non-essential travel.  Is this essential travel?  This is a good question. Oregon is among 12 states with the strictest mask mandates in the nation, which means either Oregon is a high risk state (and therefore why travel) or Oregon is not a high risk state (and therefore why have the outdoor mask mandate).

6. Why are the biggest polluters getting a free pass?  Three of some of the world’s biggest polluters (India, China, Russia) either not attending or have pledged in advance that they will not be held to the Climate Conference goals and standards.

7. If there is nothing to show for the previous 25 previous Climate Conferences, why go? 

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