WA County makes flavor illegal. Small shops to close in 60 days.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Washington County voted yesterday to make vaping illegal if the vaping product is flavored which is most of a stores product.  As many as 40 shops and small family owned mom-and-pop stores will be effected.  They will forced to clear their inventory in the next 60 days.   For many their life savings will vanish in a matter of weeks.

The County wanted to be among the first in the nation to ban flavors in order to deny adults access to vaping.  This despite the fact that vaping taxes rose 65% in Oregon at the beginning of the year.  This despite the fact that many people using vaping to quit smoking and has been show to be the most successful alternative to kick the habit in many studies..  This despite the fact that most of the people effected will be poorer working class Oregonians.

Several small business owners rallied against the tax yesterday.

Photo from James Ball for Metro

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon opposed the ordinance making flavors illegal.

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