Sen. Boquist: Vax lawsuit, media bias, parents demand apology

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Oregon is one of six states requiring people to wear masks inside, regardless of vax status. California isn’t even requiring this, and California is up to a lot of sketchy stuff, as shown below in the COVID section.

— Unions for 30,000 State Employees File Unfair Labor Practice Complaints After Vaccine Data Breach

— The Oregonian is trash part 1: “Thousands of Oregon healthcare employees, K-12 educators and state workers who were told they must get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 18 or risk losing their jobs found an easy way out: They applied for religious or medical exceptions.” The supposedly unbiased news media is calling a medical exemption an “easy way out”.

— The Oregonian is trash part 2: they are saying mask mandates in daycares and schools won’t undermine children’s development. The Oregonian is also priming the public to consider keeping kids unvaccinated from COVID as child abuse.

— Oregon moms union says Oregon school boards association should drop national association that called parents domestic terrorists.

— 80% of Oregon adults have been vaccinated against COVID-19 so there is no logical reason to be afraid of the virus or to force kids to get the vaccine.  PDX airport lost paramedics and firefighters due to the mandates.

— Crowded list of candidates for Oregon governor continues to grow.

— Doctors are advocating for “their right” to legally kill patients. This article says, “A Portland doctor who says he wants to offer his terminally ill Washington patients the option of assisted suicide filed a federal lawsuit Thursday, saying the residency requirements for Oregon’s assisted suicide law violate the U.S. Constitution.” – the Constitution matters to these evil leftists only when it suits their purposes.

— Wyden unleashed a new wealth tax this week that plans to bring in a quarter trillion in new taxes over the next decade.

— Restaurants aghast at 5% meals tax on ballots.

— Brown eyes releasing 75% of juvenile criminals during a historic crime wave. Portland attorneys are suddenly in law enforcements’ corner because they realize how angry citizens are about the crime.

— National media again knocks Oregon’s gerrymandered maps.

— Sen. Tim Knopp steps in as new Senate Republican Leader.

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