Oregonian Cartoon Shows Disrespect

I wanted to say that I think it is highly inappropriate for Oregonian cartoonist, Jack Ohman, to issue a crude cartoon on the day of a person’s death announcement.

Lampooning Jerry Falwell on the very day of his death shows that we value politics & money over basic humanity. You don’t have to like somebody to honor a person’s death. Someday Bill Clinton will pass away and that will not be the time to unload all of his dirty laundry and dance upon his grave. Our lack of restraint shows that our values are shallow and selfish. This applies to both liberals and conservatives.

To Mr. Ohman I wonder, is it that hard to wait a few days? I suppose for some people it is.

  • Jerry

    The problem with Ohman is that he is a senseless, dottering old fool who is painfully trying to do his best to be relevant, but is failing and knows he is failing. Fewer people each and every day even see his “work” due the free fall in the Oregonian circulation.

    SAD – PATHETIC – but happening nonetheless.

    Keep up the great work Jack – you’re at the top of your game!!

    Jack can’t wait a few days – his whole world is coming to an end faster and faster and thus he must do whatever it takes….to stay on top, where he falsely believes he is now.

    He is nothing more than irrelevant. It is over Jack….

  • eagle eye

    Agreed on this.

  • John Fairplay

    Even a nationally recognized scumbag like Larry Flynt understood that Jerry Falwell was a human being. Ohman must be completely soulless.

  • RogerH

    Why be a hypocrite and pretend like Falwell was some great person deserving of respect? He was an ass who has overall hurt this country by his conflation of religion and politics. His work has set the US on a disastrous arc that is not yet near finished, one with almost fascist implications. Ohman should tell it like it is — that’s his job, no less than this blog.

    PS: And the thought that the right is going to respect Clinton on the day that he dies is beyond laughable.

  • RogerH

    Slate has a sample of some of the hateful and odious things Falwell has said over the years:

    As Tim Noah writes, “He was a bigot, a reactionary, a liar, and a fool.” The US would have been far better off had he died earlier — or better yet, never been born at all.

    • Steve Plunk


      I and many others disagree with your assessment. Now I’m not a religious person and I have not been to church in a long time but purely from a public policy perspective I recognize the value of religious leaders and the goals they seek.

      Your bold but misguided statement likening Falwell’s goals to a fascist state represents the typical overblown rhetoric that discounts anything of substance you might have had to say. The “disastrous arc” you speak of is nothing more than a representation of traditional values that most still adhere to.

      I would also refrain from predicting the future. While I did not care for Clinton’s leadership I still, like most conservatives, have repsect for the office he held and the fact that he won two elections to get there proves his place in history. You will not likely see the crass display we see today on the day he passes. Conservatives are conservative in that way.

      Defending one’s deeply held religious beliefs has somehow become hateful in this country. I disagree. Falwell has many people, including Larry Flynt, speaking praise for a man who hated the sin while loving the sinner. I said loving, not stoning, not lynching.

      Tim Noah’s words are worthless insults not deserving of a medium. Are there none on the left who can disagree with someone respectfully anymore? To make a statement that any single person should never have been born only leads to the conclusion that none of us should have been born.

  • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

    There’s nothing like the death of a promient conservative to show off the difference between the left and the right.

    Those on the right who revel in the death of their political opponents are few, viewed by mainstream conservatives as “fringe,” and roundly criticized by the right.

    Those on the left who revel in the death of their political opponents are legion, are the liberal mainstream and are NEVER called to account for their hate by the left. The remarks by RogerH are one of the tamer examples of this sort of vitriol.

    Someone described liberals as “carrying on endlessly about the plight of the poor while beating their servants.” Too bad the left doesn’t practice the humanity it preaches.

    As to my feelings on the death of Clinton, I will have the good taste, courtesy and common sense to keep my personal feelings personal.

  • RogerH

    > Tim Noah’s words are worthless insults not deserving of a medium.

    Noah merely copied Fallwell’s words to show what they are made of. As you can see, the answer is that they are full of hate, bile, venom, and judgement. If Falwell’s own words do not describe the content of his character, what does?

    People tend to give respect to people who themselves gave it to others. That does not describe Falwell, and he is merely getting back the wrath which he so willingly offered to others.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, because context NEVER matters, right?

      it’s readily apparenty Falwell was a good man. If by nothing else, than Larry Flynt paying him utmost respect in his statement regarding his death. LARRY FLYNT!

  • Jerry

    The whole point is you don’t have to give back the wrath. Get it? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Figure it out.
    What a bunch!

  • RogerH

    > The whole point is you don’t have to give back the wrath. Get it? Two
    > wrongs don’t make a right. Figure it out.

    The *real* point is, you don’t have to give the wrath in the first place. But Falwell could not help himself — he had to judge his fellow human beings, and in a way that made sure he came out on top. This is the ultimate disgrace, the one true key that reveals the shallow content of his character. Falwell was an ass, a loser, a sinner, and an evil man. Right now he is surely burning in hell. I am happy about that.

    • Steve Plunk

      The hypocrisy of stating you don’t have to give the wrath in the first place and then insulting a dead man is appaling.

      I hope this sort of vitriol is not representative of the left in Oregon for if it is they are in sad shape. To call this man evil is baseless and to be so sure he is in hell is baseless.

      Rather than exchange ideas with those here it seems Roger has chosen to insult and degrade. I hope he can do better in the future if he chooses to engage with rational thinkers.