Sen. Boquist: Vaccine passports, CRT, ‘No back to normal’

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter


— University of Oregon student leaders push requirements for Critical Race Theory classes to graduate, sparking controversy.

— Get ready for forever-masking in Oregon.

— Capitol Chatter: There is no back to normal

— Oregon’s gas prices are the 5th highest in the nation and CLIMBING.

— The State of Oregon is seriously applauding itself for reaching a “vaccine milestone” of over 6 million people since the experimental COVID-19 vaccine was approved for kids 5-11, kids who do not need the vaccine.

— Oregon is working on a vaccine passport called the Digital Vaccine Record and the problems with it.

— Oregon has new charades on masks and COVID tests for kids in school who have paid the highest price for the arbitrary COVID rules.

— Cong. Peter DeFazio won’t seek re-election.

— Fatal drug overdoses are on the rise in Oregon.



SCOTUS hears Mississippi abortion case arguments.

Twitter is about to get way worse.

Pray for these kids! Michigan high school shooting suspect reportedly recorded video about killing students the night before the shooting where 4 students died. Parents of the school shooter are charged with involuntary manslaughter and evaded law enforcement.


‘It’s like hell in here’: the struggle to save Afghanistan’s starving babies. From the article: “The maternity ward is one of the happiest wards of any hospital, but not anymore in Afghanistan,” says the obstetrician. She says that in just two weeks in September she watched five newborn babies die of starvation.

According to the UN, some 23 million Afghans require urgent food assistance, a figure never seen before.  This includes more than three million children who are at risk of severe hunger and the life-threatening consequences of malnutrition.

Time to increase the defense budget as mainstream media are calling for the West to engage with the Taliban.

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