Sen. Boquist: School day cut back, carbon tax, more…

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter


— A Very Kate Brown Christmas: Oregonians are shunning America’s least popular governor… Brown’s lousy poll numbers could influence next year’s governor’s race—and threaten Democrats’ possession of an office they’ve held since 1987.

— From the Willamette Week: “A Portland teachers’ union proposal last week to cut in-class instruction by one day a week at high schools set off a firestorm.”

— The state government is hell-bent on pretending to “protect” Oregonians from the COVID-19 virus when the government is failing in its most basic duties to protect the roads. There was a multiple car-crash situation over the mountain pass on Highway 22 due to white out conditions. The situation could have been avoided or mitigated had Gov. Brown taken a step back from partying mask-less in DC (while trying to make masks permanent in Oregon. Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek was also caught mask-less) to get the roads ready for winter storms. The leftists who run our government prefer the “bury their heads in the sand” approach to anticipation and mitigation of road conditions and weather, thinking if they ignore the problem of icy roads, less people will drive on them. Not only is this thinking completely backwards but failing to pour gravel or de-ice the roads in anticipation of winter travel is gross negligence of the government, especially when we pay taxes for these services.

— Congressman Bentz: Why I voted against Biden’s BBB Act.

— Prescription drug costs in Oregon are still crippling.

— Brown’s cap and trade executive version nears the finish line. Read more about the timeline of this horrific bill here. Additionally, the COVID-19 event in Oregon has been political from the beginning. For example, on March 10 Governor Kate Brown signed her cap and trade executive order with a room full of children – no one in masks or social distancing. The very next day, COVID-19 was all over the headlines. It was obvious that the priority was to get cap and trade into law and then politicize the pandemic.

— Medical professionals in Oregon hospitals are ignoring or gaslighting patients who are complaining of heart issues. One healthy, 20 something Oregonian received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to maintain employment and just weeks later began experiencing heart troubles. After visiting countless specialists and emergency departments, the latest trip to the ED led to the discovery of elevated troponin levels, which usually means that a person has recently had a heart attack. This particular ED physician indicated the troponin levels could be a sign of myocarditis. After this Oregonian was discharged from the ED without any follow-up or tests to investigate their heart like an echocardiogram, the primary care physician was extremely dismissive of the potential myocarditis and proceeded to shame this normally healthy person who suddenly experienced heart problems. This is an example of how subjective healthcare can be in Oregon. Perhaps the ED physician was able to look more critically at COVID-19 vaccines than the primary care doctor. Either way – this patient has been given the runaround while experiencing HEART problems.


Are China and Russia already at war with the USA?

China dismisses USA, Canada Olympic boycott as ‘farce’.

British Tribunal finds China committed genocide against Uyghur Muslims.


— Forget Afghanistan, on to Ukraine!

— Biden to award 3 Medals of Honor to soldiers for combat actions in Iraq, Afghanistan

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