Could you say no to this dog?

Bikers help raise money for police dog — won’t you help?

As a way of showing our thanks to the fine people of Baker City for housing the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally for many years we are asking the Bikers who attend and businesses that profit from the rally to give what you can provide the Baker City Police Department with their first K-9 police officer. Our goal is to raise the required funds during the rally so that “Harley” can begin patrolling this summer!

Your donation will be matched by a very generous Oregon foundation, so whatever you can give to this great cause will count double!

Send you donations to:

Baker City Police Department
c/o HCMR Harley Fund
2221 North Albina Ave
Portland, OR, 97227

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Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally

Baker City Police Department

  • Jerry

    K-9 units are very worthy of support.

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