Oregon among 6 states with strictest vaccine mandates

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


According to Leading Age, Oregon is one of six states to have a “vaccination or termination” mandate.  Those states are Colorado, Maine, New York, Rhode Island, Washington and Oregon.

Thirteen states have “vaccination or testing” mandates.

Three states have “vaccination or testing and masking” (Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland)

And to show you how diverse America really is, no less than thirteen states have some form of prohibition on vaccine-mandates.

It appears when comparing Oregon to other states that the state once again has chosen the strictest method in use.  This is similar to Oregon being ranked in 2020 among the top ten most restrictive states during the first year of the pandemic.   This is similar to Oregon being among the first dozen to close schools and last dozen to re-open schools.   Oregon was among a small number of states that did business shutdowns in the fall 2020.   Oregon was the last to allow fans to attend NBA games and among the final five to have an outdoor mask rule last fall.

This current mandate (and the many just listed) were not approved by Oregon’s elected Representatives.  Maybe they should conduct a scientific review and be a part of the decision making process.

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