Lars Larson: Plan for illegals wont work

Administration plan for illegals won’t work
Monday, May 21, 2007 by Lars Larson

The Administration’s Plan for Straightening Out the Illegal Alien Mess in American Simply Won’t Work.

The final plan for illegal aliens was sprung on us late last week by the United States Senate and the White House, and the White House says it’s going to work.

I got a chance to talk to Tony Snow on Friday, and what did he tell me? He told me that we were going to identify all the illegal alien criminals because they were going to walk in and surrender themselves for deportation. Tony, I don’t think that’s likely.

Then, he says that every employer in America is going to have to re-affirm that his employees are legal. I guess that would take all 250 million workers having to show ID. Tony says that’s going to happen because they’ll do it through the Real ID Act. That is, all the states that are going to do it. The problem is ten American states, including Oregon, have said, “We’re not going to do that. We’re not going to comply with the Real ID.” It’s going to be a real problem for the rest of us.

The plan is not going to work out. It’s a sell-out for America.

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  • Jerry

    I may be an alien who’s not here legal,
    But don’t you track me down with a beagle.

    Cause I is gonna surely pay taxes,
    Someday soon after I send the faxes.

    To the consulate down the street,
    Where they supply me with fake ID complete.

    Then, I’ll vote in the next election,
    No one checks in any direction.

    Fraud you say, well you’d be right,
    As more of cross each and every night.

    We’re here to take your jobs, plain as day,
    Cause we will work for much less pay.

    Then our kids citizens they will be,
    So they can live here happily.

    And get some welfare and tuition relief,
    As we edge out citizens with phony belief.

    That the politicians will actually follow the law,
    We know they won’t – it’s what we saw.

    So next time you see one of us milling about,
    Get used to it as that bill gives us clout.

    To continue pouring in across the border,
    And to stay long as we want, ignoring law and order.

    We are the new United States,
    And history will prove this a big mistake.

  • nme

    The immigration plan seems fair to me. More border enforcement, a prcoess for putting workers into a system, what is wrong with that?

    • Richard

      I agree, I do not think it goes fare enough in end the logjam for applicants. I confess I rather have blanket amnesty to get this issue off the table and concentrate on real issues like smaller government, winning the war on terror, and supporting free markets.


    Secure our borders and start booting the illegals out, it may take a while but it’ll be worth it.

    I have no problem increasing legal immigration numbers but I see no reason to reward criminals who are illegally in this country.

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