Bill Post: GOP is leaving this statewide seat wide open

By Hon. Bill Post,
Former Oregon State Representative

In this Willamette Week article, further down the page, it’s revealed that Casey Kulla, one of the Democrat candidates for Governor has switched to the open BOLI Commissioner race. I think that’s very smart on his part. Now I’m curious if any of the dozen or so Republicans running for Governor would be sharp enough to take advantage of the fact that NO Republicans are running for this right position right now? Great opportunity to take one of the most important roles in Oregon. Current Commissioner Hoyle is running for Congress so it’s wide open and only a couple Democrats have filed. Why not go for something that is absolutely winnable and that could make a HUGE difference for businesses in Oregon? Which of the dozen or so candidates for Governor would be willing to take what they’ve accomplished so far and have the vision to see that this is a GREAT win for Oregon if a Republican could take this seat?

They really should think long and hard about it.

Governor is just one race we need to win. I think a dozen or so candidates, though I love their enthusiasm, is just about 8 too many. Take what you earned and learned and go for it!

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