Your President Lies

Your government lies to you.

It lies to you with startling regularity. It lies about things with little consequence other than embarrassing the perpetrator of the lie; i.e. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blaming her hairdresser for being caught not wearing her face mask as required by the governor of California (I would say “as required by law” but there is no law in California requiring one to wear a face mask).

It lies to you about big things with deadly consequences; i.e. former President Lyndon Johnson alleging an attack by the Viet Cong on two naval vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964. The end result was that 57,000 young men and women lost their lives in a war that while encouraged by three successive president was never fought with the resolve to win. 57,000 lives lost for no good reason. It remains a constant stain on the military leadership and the United States intelligence operations.

It lies to you about big things with catastrophic personal and economic consequences; i.e. the entirety of the government’s statements regarding the pandemic running everywhere from the use of masks to the effectiveness of the vaccines, from the number of people who actually died from COVID (as opposed to those who died with COVID) to any data on those with natural immunity, and from the effects of vaccines on children as young as three years old to the source of COVID in the first place (most likely a Wuhan laboratory in China). The government trucked out a tired old myopic bureaucrat – Anthony Fauci – anointed him “the” expert on the coronavirus and gave him carte blanche to impose mask mandates, lock downs, vaccine mandates and the choice of medical courses to deal with the coronavirus. The problem with it is that Mr. Fauci is bias – he desperately wants to be the “father” of a vaccine to immunize the world. And we know this because Mr. Fauci did exactly the same thing when the HIV/AIDS virus attacked. In the thirty years since Mr. Fauci was appointed to deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic he (and the scientific community) has yet to develop a vaccine to immunize the population against HIV/AIDS. In his singular pursuit of a vaccine, Mr. Fauci ignored and sometimes suppressed work on critically important treatments for those already infected – people died. Likewise, in Mr. Fauci’s pursuit of a vaccine for COVID he ignored and sometimes suppressed work on critically important treatments (hydroxychlorquine, ivermectin, etc.) and people died. And the vaccines discovered today DO NOT immunize people from the COVID virus in its many variants – it does, blessedly, severely reduce the morbidity risk in those who have been vaccinated. (We still don’t know how this compares to natural immunity because Mr. Fauci declined to examine natural immunity or develop data on its effects – a lie by omission.)

It is tiresome to pour over these instances but they serve as the predicate for what comes after. They also serve as a reminder that the administration of President Joe Biden has lied about virtually every major issue in which they have been involved, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the dissemination of COVID rapid test kits, his participation in civil rights marches, the consensus among economist on his massive spending bill, everything about the incursion of illegal aliens on the southern border, etc. Add to that a complicit mainstream media that reinforces those lies by acts and omissions.

All of this becomes important because we stand on the cusp of war in the Ukraine. Russia has amassed troops along the Ukraine’s eastern border and reinforced its troop presence in Belarus on its northern border. The curious thing is that Russia began moving these troops into place in March of 2021 with nary a peep from Mr. Biden nor members of his administration. In fact during that same period of time Mr. Biden shut down oil exploration on federal lands, closed construction of additional pipelines in the heartland and made America go from energy independence to a strong reliance on foreign oil and gas production – particularly Russian oil and gas production. But that wasn’t enough. Two months after the beginning of the build up of Russian troops, Mr. Biden removed the economic sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump on Russia’s construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction from Russia to Germany thus blessing the project and the resultant growing dependence of Germany on Russian oil and gas.

But then Mr. Biden began his unending series of foreign and domestic blunders. Seemingly everything he touched immediately turned to bat guano and his approval numbers dropped as precipitously as the stock in Facebook. And as each new catastrophic decision or action by Mr. Biden, and/or his feckless side-kick Vice President Kalamata Harris, Mr. Biden’s “concern” about Russia began to grow. And as it grew so did the warnings by Mr. Biden and the complicit mainstream media grow. Daily estimates of troop strength, satellite photos of amassed equipment (deployed in a manner that invites destruction from a single missile strike rather than preparation for war) and an unending stream of intelligence reports emanating from the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) each one more dire than the previous – each predicting that Russia’s invasion was imminent. Twice they raised the spectre of a “false flag” operation by Russia complete with a mock battle and filmed destruction of swaths of the Ukraine countryside as a pretext for the coming Russian invasion. They even sent a hapless nit wit, Ned Price out to announce that they had declassified the material that supported these “intelligence reports.” The complicit mainstream media ate it up and rebroadcast it without a critical thought. It was left to one aging cynic at the Associated Press to ask the obvious – if Mr. Biden has declassified the reports can the public see them? The response – Oh no, their classified, the only thing that Mr. Biden declassified was the acknowledgment that they exist.

Whoa Nellie! We can tell you they exist, but we can’t let you see them? You mean we have to take their word as to what is in these intelligence reports? Remember, this is the same State Department and intelligence agencies that told us that the phony Steele dossier alleging that Mr. Trump had engaged in collusion with the Russian government and bacchanalian trysts with Russian prostitutes – none of it was true and I mean not a single word – was true. This is the same State Department and intelligence agencies that “discovered” weapons of mass destruction as a pretext for invading Iraq, the same State Department and intelligence agencies that assured us that the Afghani army could withstand the surging Taliban and that al Qaeda was no longer a threat in Afghanistan. The same State Department and intelligence agencies that declared Libya safe enough to remove embassy protection immediately before the Benghazi attacks. This is the same State Department and intelligence community that loves to engage in wars large and small but declines to allow us to win them – preferring to sacrifice our young men and women while they fiddle in the palaces of Paris, Rome, and Geneva with “peace talks” that go on forever. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex when in reality it is the diplomatic/intelligence-industrial complex that endangers us.

Look, I am not saying that the threat of an invasion of the Ukraine isn’t real – it is. But what I am saying is that State Department and the intelligence agencies are creating an atmosphere where the likelihood of conflict is even greater. The “false flag” that looks like a Hollywood movie script is most likely yet another deceit by the Department and the intelligence agencies.. The conflict is more likely to be triggered by the actions of the State Department and our intelligence agencies than by any other element.

And it all comes in time to distract from the miserable job and the bombastic mistakes being made on a daily basis by Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. There is no reason why the critical information that the liars in the Biden administration claim to exist cannot be shared with the American public.

Their objection to disclosing “sources and methods” is just another ruse.

But let’s not be naive. The likelihood is that Russia will invade whether it is a total invasion or an incursion to secure a land bridge to the Crimea. And the reason is that President Vladimir Putin can sense weakness like a wolf sensing a wounded animal. Mr. Putin knows that Mr. Biden will not intervene in combat and he knows that the economic sanctions threatened will not likely be imposed and/or enforced. Germany is simply not going to shut off its Russian supplied oil and gas and it is not going to interrupt the construction of Nord Stream 2 despite all of Mr. Biden’s bellicose statements. You have to realize – as Mr. Putin does – that Mr. Biden’s threats are just words on a teleprompter that Mr. Biden reads. For Mr. Biden it is “theater” and he neither understands nor cares about the actual consequences of his threats because they are never going to come to fruition. Weakness leaks from every pore in Mr. Biden and Mr. Putin will never find a weaker, less resolute, adversary than he has in Mr. Biden.

What is likely to hold Mr. Putin backs is best described in recent estimates of body count from such an invasion – 25,000 to 50,000 civilians, 5,000 to 10,000 Russian soldiers – and an ongoing guerrilla war with Ukrainian partisans much like they endured in Afghanistan thirty years ago. Mr. Putin will also suffer the loss of prestige among other democratic governments for having silenced a new one – Ukraine. If you break it you own it and, in this instance, the price of breaking it far exceeds the value of acquiring it.

If you are a betting person, assume a limited incursion to secure the land bridge to the Crimea and damage enough to oust the current government and put in place a Russian friendly puppet regime followed by an ineffective response from Mr. Biden.