Canada impacting Oregon? Nervous Gov. Brown floats early mask repeal

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Once the Canadian trucker protest took off this month something magical happened.  All in a single week, several last remaining liberal states in the United States with mask mandates (New York, California, New Jersey, etc.) all dropped their mask rules at basically the same time.   It was if the politicians were reading the polls or something.

These sudden moves by the other states instantly left Oregon hanging out there nearly alone with their far-reaching March 31st end of the mask mandate.  As the chart shows, only five states remain.  The Oregonian noticed and ran this headline “Oregon is poised to become one of the last states to lift mask mandates.”

So to everyone’s surprise KOIN-TV ran an article describing that the Oregon’s mandate may indeed be lifted sooner.   A possible new target date would be after St. Patrick’s Day March 17th which would coincide nicely with Washington State’s March 21st release.

It looks like Canada’s freedom protest is indeed having an impact and the Governor maybe trying to save face.  We may never know because Governor Brown is the most reclusive and hidden Governor and chose to not involve in the public.   We do know that this comes at a time when Governor Brown was rated as America’s most unpopular Governor.

Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber explained in a guest opinion in the Sunday Oregonian that rural Oregonians are ignoring the mask rule.

So in the face of the nation’s worst approval ratings, a public that no longer trusts or follows the rules, other states jumping ship fast and furious and the Canadian freedom protest spreading nationwide, it looks more and more like Governor Brown is playing politics and not science with our health policy.

By the way…our cartoon is based on the one below when Oregon was the last four states to fully open businesses last year.

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