Democrats reject tougher sentencing

Press release from House GOP 5-23-07:


House Republicans Propose Longer Sentences Under Measure 11

SALEM”” House Democrats today rejected a vote to increase Measure 11 sentencing for repeat property crimes, including burglary, car theft and identify theft. Rep. Gene Whisnant (R-Sunriver) led a House Republican effort to pull HB 3429 out of the House Judiciary Committee, where Democrats have held the bill without a hearing since it was introduced March 20.

Rep. Whisnant urged the House to debate HB 3429, arguing the bill is an important tool for combating methamphetamine and meth-related crime.

“Time is running out this session to expand our fight against methamphetamine,” Rep. Whisnant said. “According to the Portland Police Bureau, meth addicts commit 85 percent of property crime in Oregon. This problem won’t end when we adjourn next month.”

HB 3429 requires mandatory minimum sentences of up to 48 months for repeat property crime convictions. Criminals who’ve been previously convicted of first-degree aggravated theft and/or first-degree burglary would face at least 24 months in prison.

Minimum sentences for other repeat property crimes, such as forgery and fraudulent credit card use, would increase to 18 months. Under HB 3429, offenders would face tougher sentences for each subsequent conviction they receive.

“HB 3429 cracks down on those who continually disregard our laws and repeatedly victimize our citizens,” Rep. Whisnant said. “This motion was likely our last chance to target property crime this session. Unfortunately, House Democrats denied us of this chance.”

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    Thank goodness the Democrats are looking out for the victims of crimes………oops, I mean the criminals the commit them.

  • Jerry

    Amazing that the Dems would actually want to punish someone. Are we sure it will be fair? I wouldn’t the rights of these lawbreakers to be infringed.
    I wonder what would happen if anyone actually enforced the current laws on the books?
    I wonder what would happen if the Dems actually funded our saftey first – and all the pork later?
    I wonder….

  • Jerry

    These Dems would change their tune if their own property was stolen. Fools.

  • Anonymous

    So wonderful to be living in the Peoples Republic of Oregon

  • Ace

    What can I say except Democrats hate providing safety to Americans whether here on our own soil or defending America overseas. They suck.

  • David

    I Just sent All My relatives and friends Email Telling them to Contact Their Politicians Maybe We can Convince Them in Light Of The Arson Spree in SE Portland


      I wish that would happen David but since socialists bury their heads in the sand and refuse to admit crime even occurs, I don’t see our DNC state legislators doing a thing!

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