Dalton’s Law Denied Hearing in Senate

From Rep. Nelson Press Release 5-25-07:

Dalton’s Law denied a hearing by Senate Judiciary Committee

SALEM — Oregon State Representative Donna Nelson (R-McMinnville) expressed her disappointment with the Senate Judiciary Committee for refusing to hold hearings for Dalton’s Law, House Bill 3176.

“It makes no sense to me,” Representative Nelson stated. “This bill has such strong support, having passed the House of Representatives unanimously””you’d think something so important as Dalton’s Law would at least merit a hearing in the Senate.”

Dalton’s Law would give law enforcement the ability to use vehicle location services, such as OnStar and LoJack, to assist in missing persons investigations and to fight crime. It could be used to find missing children during Amber Alerts, return lost elderly people or Alzheimer’s patients to safety, help police respond immediately to violent carjackings, or rescue families lost on snowy roads. Kati Kim, widow of James Kim, has shared her family’s support of House Bill 3176.

Other supporters of the bill include the Oregon State Police Officers Association, the Oregon State Sheriffs Association, the Oregon District Attorneys Association, the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Crime Victims United, and numerous individual police chiefs and search and rescue personnel.

The bill has drawn national attention, resulting in letters of support from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted. As Walsh stated, “Oregon House Bill 3176 saves time, saves the resources of law enforcement, and saves lives, and I support Dalton’s Law.”

Dalton’s Law has important support within the Senate. Senators from both political parties, plus the only independent in the legislature, have signed on as co-sponsors. Even Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown (D-Portland) has put her name on the bill. However, despite the overwhelming support for Dalton’s Law, the Senate Judiciary Committee has simply ignored it.

“I can’t understand it,” said Representative Nelson. “The timing of this is so significant, as just this week the Governor issued a proclamation naming today, May 25, “˜Missing Children Awareness Day.’ Here we are, supposedly concerned about helping missing children, and, at the same time, a common-sense bill that can find children and save lives is being denied a hearing””life saving legislation will die from legislative inaction.”

Under new rules adopted by the Legislative Assembly, bills that still have yet to be scheduled for a required hearing cannot advance any further without special permission from the President of the Senate.

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    The only thing in this that I might have a question on would be the part about the police being able to use it to “fight crime”. Unfortunately as demonstrated by the Mult. county sheriff’s FBI back ground check of someone who turned in a complaint about him, some law enforcement members will abuse any power given them.

    The “fight crime” portion would need to be defined to a T in order to assure law abiding citizens could not be subjected to illegal monitoring by rogue law enforcement officials.

    Maybe if she took that part of the bill out it would get through committee.

    • The Write Idea Online

      “Maybe if she took that part of the bill out it would get through committee.”

      No, that would not make the least difference. It’s not getting a hearing because the Chair does not want it to. And, you cannot amend bills unless you get a hearing — so she could not take that part out anyways….

      • CRAWDUDE

        Therfore your piont is that she should have never attempted the bill to begin with? Since she knew it would fail?

        • anonymous

          I don’t think she expected this bill to fail to get a Senate hearing–look at the House vote and the non-partisan testimonials from law enforcement and even John Walsh. There must be more to this story than meets the eye for Burdick, stupid though she is, to kill this bill by not holding a hearing. My guess is Burdick is using her position to kill bills of other legislators who won’t play ball with her on her pet issues like gun control and banning tobacco–even when the bills she is killing are good bills she would otherwise support.

          Just my guess.

    • Media Minder

      Where’s the media on this one? This is tailor-made for the local TV news to decry a stubborn, special interest beholden committee chair who is stopping a very popular bill. They can even mention Crawdude’s critique and suggest it be looked into. Guess they aren’t so balanced in they’re coverage after all.

  • Incomplete Facts

    I seem to recall that Donna Nelson tried to cut a deal with the D’s in the House and Senate to get this bill a hearing….by promising a TAX VOTE of the DEMOCRATS’ CHOICE.

    Nice try, Donna. You are finished.

    You are a nice lady, and I am sorry for the internal struggles in your family that led you to believe that you can raise MY taxes, just so your estranged son would speak to you again after your votes against civil unions….but you are done. One would have thought a close race in November would have taught you a lesson or two. Apparently not. There is a lot more to this issue than Rep. Nelson’s press release would indicate.

    • liar liar pants on fire

      Hey incomplete facts, I think you have some incomplete source citations there, buddy. What is this “deal” of which you speak? Got any references to back that claim up? Show me some proof that Donna is dealing in tax hikes, or else take your hate speech back under the rock from which you oozed.

  • Incomplete Facts

    Just because you either don’t know or don’t want to know, doesn’t make my post hate speech. Nice try, though. Do your own damn homework. Spoon-feeding you isn’t my job, and besides, you strike me as a sloppy eater.

    • liar liar pants on fire


      when asked for information, you have none and throw an insult. guess what? spoon-feeding all of us IS your job. if you have some facts, lay them out for us to see, otherwise all you are doing is making noise.

      Hmm, how about this: I think you work for LoJack and oppose this bill because you hate gay men and want more gay men like Dalton to die. I am not going to offer any evidence of this. Do your own damn homework. Spoon-feeding you isn’t my job.

      Sounds like hate speech maybe? Of course, that is what it would be if I were serious. But I am just making a point about your refusal to post facts.

      your post IS hate speech because you oh-so-casually turn the issue from Dalton’s Law to the fact that Donna’s son is gay. Hey, did you know Dick Cheney’s daughter is gay? Better make sure you point that out whenever Dick Cheney is in front of a microphone.

      you are obviously nothing more than a hate filled lefty troll with nothing to add to this discussion.

      • CRAWDUDE

        I’m not going to defend Incomplete Facts opinions, those are his opinions.

        I will say that it would appear from your posts Liar, liar that you are as closed minded as IF and from you’re printed tone, just as hateful and intolerant as you accuse him of being.

  • Incomplete Facts

    Your response and grand leap to assumptions is actually comical. I didn’t know lefty trolls could be anti-gay. And while it may make you feel better to stereotype, there isn’t a lot of hate coming from me. Disappointment, yes. Probably the same sense of disappointment that you are getting that I don’t immediately FedEx you a packet that justifies every claim I made…just because you asked for it. After all, it’s MY job to spoon-feed you, right?

    I didn’t realize that I was compelled to only talk about the merits of “Dalton’s Law.” This is a political blog, not just a hosting site for press releases (although Jason is kind enough to endulge). Don’t think you get a free pass just because I’m a conservative. Oh, sorry…a lefty troll. I forgot that’s your only default option for those you disagree with.

    • J Graigory

      You can FedEx me your packet that proves your claims. As Rep. Nelson’s “estranged” gay son, I would love to see evidence of any wheeling and dealing on my Mom’s part in order to gain favor with me. Especially coming on the heels of her voting — again — against civil unions/domestic partnerships and equal rights. Furthermore, I don’t understand the context where you say she would vote to raise taxes to win favor with me. We often disagree politically so one vote is not going to change that.

      We both supported Dalton’s Law because of the merits of the Bill. Regardless of age, race, sexual proclivity, gender… if you are missing and in eminent harm, every available tool should be able to be utilized to find you. I don’t imagine you will know what it feels like to know you had a way to find your missing friend and for five days you were not permitted to use it. Then when they finally do find him, you were just hours too late.

      Dalton’s Law would have prevented others from going through that horrible, helpless wait. It was a good Bill that deserved a hearing, but Kevin Campbell and General Motors knew if it got a hearing it would pass the Committee and then the Senate, as history had unanimously shown. So the Campbell lobbyists and General Motors (owners of OnStar) got Ginny Burdick to kill it.

      [As an aside to the comment about the media. I shared with several TV news and newspapers about the details of Kevin Campbell’s call to me regarding how they were going to kill Dalton’s Law and why (after supporting it outside the House Judiciary). I also had information about their retaliation for a lack of political support on other Bills that they are lobbying (a conflict of interest, I’d say, using one company to muscle a non-related Bill). Finally, the background of how OnStar violated individual privacy by selectively helping law enforcement in some cases even without a warrant. No news organization wanted to pursue it. Have you notice how many ads for GM cars & trucks run in a paper or during the nightly news?]

      I wish I could be a better man and say, “oh well” and “that’s the process”. But I can’t. I honestly do not think one politician should have that much power. Sadly, a part of me hopes Ginny Burdick will be in the same position we were with Dalton so she could see the error of her ways. And to that end, I hope the same for Kevin Campbell; perhaps if Larry or Craig were missing for five days he would better understand the importance of this Bill.

      God, I hate that I still harbor those feelings. It may be a human response, but I would like to be better than that. I keep praying for patience, tolerance and forgiveness. It’s just going to take a little bit more time.

      In the meantime, Incomplete Facts, go ahead and FedEx me the proof you speak of. Maybe there’s the silver lining? But I sincerely doubt it’s any more real than the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.