$3B tax surplus = you might get a $950 Kicker Refund

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The state brought in a surplus $3 billion in tax revenue this year.   The Constitution requires that all surplus tax revenue be refunded back to taxpayers who paid it.   It is called the Kicker Tax Refund law and was approved by voters decades ago.

Based on rough comparisons form the last cycle’s Kicker returns, many Oregonians might be getting an estimated $950 average Kicker Tax Refund on their taxes depending on how much income taxes they paid.

The surplus has occurred, in part, because we rebounded from the pandemic better than expected.

So as we have done well, please return these over-collected tax surplus back to the taxpayers who paid it.

If the politicians spend our (one-time-funds) Kicker surplus, then it becomes built into the budget.  This makes it harder to pay for the next budget cycle because you built it upon one time surplus tax revenue.

The Kicker Refund has been used a few times in the past decade, and even by returning these over-collected funds back to taxpayers, our politicians still found a a way to spend record breaking revenue each budget cycle.  Simply put, the politicians have enough money.   The surplus funds need to returned to taxpayers.

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