Brown: Get ready to have the State burn down around you

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

Kate Brown faces the end of her reign as Queen…I mean Governor soon, so she doesn’t mind lying to citizens.

Brown warned Oregonians to get ready for a bad forest fire season

She blames climate change, but that’s not the problem.

Proper management…logging, replanting and clearing fuel from forests, all of which Governor Brown could do.

Forest scientist Dr. Bob Zybach points out “From 1952 until 1987 (35 years in all), only one forest fire in all of western Oregon was greater than 10,000 acres:

Since 1987, Oregon has had more than 30 such fires, several larger than 100,000 acres.

The 2020 Labor Day Fires alone covered more than one million acres”.

The difference is logging.

Kate Brown doesn’t like logging…and as Governor, she has chosen forest management DESIGNED to let all those trees burn.

She tells citizens to “get ready”…

Ready to see billions of dollars of trees go up in smoke,

Ready to breath choking air all summer,

Ready to spend hundreds of millions to put out fires SHE could have prevented.

But hey, Kate gets a fat PERS pension either way…so “Burn, baby burn”.