Dems Reject Plan to Implement Measure 37

From Senate Republican Press Release 5-30-2007:

Democrats Reject Plan to
Implement Measure 37

Salem, OR — Senate Democrats rejected a plan Wednesday that would have implemented voter-passed Measure 37. Voting along party lines, Democrats rejected an amendment brought by Senator Roger Beyer (R-Molalla) to House Bill 3025. The amendment would have cleared roadblocks standing in the way of Measure 37 while safeguarding the character of surrounding areas. Governor Kulongoski and legislative Democrats have focused on recasting the intent of Measure 37 rather than putting it into practice.

“We should be answering the question, “˜How do we put voter’s wishes into practice?'” said Beyer. “Instead, Governor Kulongoski and Senate Democrats seem bent on completely dismantling Measure 37 until it is unrecognizable. What happened to honoring the will of the voters?”

Beyer’s plan contained the elements necessary to implement Measure 37 while setting limits so development mimics the surrounding community. Additionally, it protected families and their legacy by making property rights transferable through sale and inheritance. Also, it established a reimbursement compensation fund, extended the deadline for claim review, and gave surviving spouses security.

“This plan left behind the partisan extremes that have defined the efforts of Governor Kulongoski,” said Beyer. “I hoped we could find common ground in these amendments that members of both parties could support.”

So-called “negotiations” initiated by Governor Kulongoski earlier this session were exclusive of Senate Republicans and produced a partisan plan that virtually eliminates Measure 37 and destroys voter’s efforts to reform a flawed land use process. That plan was sent to the budget writing committee for political reasons and to avoid public debate and input. It is being held at this time awaiting more exclusive negotiations and secret amendments.

“Our job is to trust the voters,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day.) “Oregonians recognized that our land use system was broken, and passed Measure 37. We can’t turn a deaf ear to that. Governor Kulongoski doesn’t think Oregon voters are smart enough to be spell checkers in an M&M factory.”


  • djranch

    Very frustrated with the politics of Oregon. I have been told Oregon politicians have there own agenda and they are nothing but Attorneys out to take from you what they can legally take, if that is not working for them they create so much leagalism it bogs everything positive down. Communist intent. Well I had not followed politics untill M37 It looks to me those comments made to me regarding politicians should of been directed at Oregon Democrats maybe then we could of weeded out those who do not follow voters intent; Go Republicans I can also see this issue hurting future Democrat election. Black ball that will contiue to haunt them in the future.


    Much like Chavez in Venezuela the liberals turn out to be, funny isn’t it. Oregon voted them in, they are giving them exactly what they should have expected before the election.

    Sometimes gridlock is good, I yearn for the days of gridlock , the days before the socialists started to destroy this state.

  • Jerry

    These idiots are totally out to lunch. But, you do get what you vote for. Enjoy.