Sen. Boquist: Multnomah recommends masks again

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

– It only took a few hours after the primary election for Multnomah County to start “recommending” people wear masks once again. COVID will become politically expedient again. Stimulus checks at the end of the summer, anyone?

– The state brought in a surplus of $3 billion in tax revenue so Oregonians should see a good Kicker check.

– 24-hours inside Portland’s homeless crisis.

– History made: 3 women gubernatorial candidates.

– Kurt Schrader appears to have lost re-election to Congress.

– The AP reports: “Thousands of ballots with blurry barcodes that can’t be read by vote-counting machines will delay results by weeks in a key U.S. House race in Oregon’s primary election, a shocking development that is giving a black eye to a vote-by-mail pioneer state with a national reputation as a leader on voter access and equity.”

– Land regulators want to squeeze more people together (pods and crickets?) and offer less parking.

– Landlords are suddenly OK when it’s a nonprofit doing it. But the landlords who were told by the government to figure out how to survive without rent in 2020 were the “evil” ones?

– OHA says the pandemic is not over but has changed… again. The Oregonian reports: “Oregon’s chief disease specialist threaded a fine line Wednesday between cautioning Oregonians to protect themselves amid a surge in coronavirus infections while not ordering or even recommending statewide measures to prevent infection.”

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